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How to Customize the WooCommerce Checkout Page

The WooCommerce checkout page is one of the most important and yet overlooked pages in any WooCommerce store. Its role is crucial in making sure customers are guided through to completing their purchase without friction.

If you’d like to make some improvements to your WooCommerce checkout page because you’re unsatisfied by the standard WooCommerce checkout, then this article will help.

default woocommerce checkout
The standard WooCommerce checkout

Unless you have coding knowledge, or are a seasoned web developer, customizing the WooCommerce checkout page can only be done with a little help from a plugin or two.

So in this article, we’re going to break down exactly how to edit the checkout page in WooCommerce. We’ll break down everything from creating a multi-step checkout to customizing the checkout fields. 

Plus, we’ll feature one of the best ways to completely overhaul your checkout page using the optimized checkout plugin, Flux Checkout for WooCommerce.

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How you can edit the WooCommerce checkout page

The following are some of the key things you can change within your WooCommerce checkout. Each requires a plugin to complete and takes only a few steps to set up.

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Create a multi-step checkout 

The standard WooCommerce checkout has all of the checkout fields displayed on one page. Because of this, the checkout can be overwhelming and distracting for customers – potentially resulting in an abandoned checkout.

When customers reach your checkout, you want to guide them through the process in the simplest way possible without distraction. This is where Flux Checkout steps in.

flux checkout

Flux Checkout for WooCommerce helps you do just that, with an app-like experience that’s optimised to help you convert as many customers as possible while reducing cart abandonment.

Get Flux here or follow this tutorial to get it installed on your site.

Start your 14-day free trial of Flux Checkout

Start your free trial now and instantly create an optimized checkout page in WooCommerce.

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Edit/Customize the WooCommerce checkout fields

One of the key things you might want to do when customizing your WooCommerce checkout page is to edit the checkout fields. 

edit WooCommerce checkout fields

You might want to edit the wording of existing fields, add new ones or completely remove others. 

All of this can be done with Checkout Field Editor

Create conditional checkout fields

While the plugin above lets you add new checkout fields to your checkout page, Conditional Checkout Fields for WooCommerce allows you to take this one step further.

If you have multiple products that all require specific fields to appear at checkout (for example gift messages, extra details or specific delivery information), you probably want a way for these to only display for certain products. 

conditional checkout fields WooCommerce

By installing Conditional Checkout Fields for WooCommerce, you’ll be able to add custom fields ranging from simple text areas to image uploads and color pickers.

Get it here: woocommerce.com/conditional-checkout-fields-for-woocommerce

Add a delivery date or date picker to your checkout

If you’re looking to get a little more specific on when you deliver your products to customers, you might want to add the ability for them to select their own delivery date at checkout.

delivery date WooCommerce checkout

If that’s the case, by using the plugin WooCommerce Delivery Slots, you’ll be able to not only allow customers to select their own delivery date but also create a custom delivery schedule to suit you.

Get the plugin here or view our tutorial to get it set up on your site.

Add a local pickup option to your WooCommerce checkout

Your online store might operate locally, or offer local pickup. If this is the case, the standard WooCommerce checkout page doesn’t cater for this well.

If you’re looking to offer local pickup to customers with the flexibility of creating a schedule to suit you, then WooCommerce Delivery Slots can help.

local pickup woocommerce

Read our tutorial to see how you can customize your checkout page and store for local pickup. Or, get the WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin here: iconicwp.com/woocommerce-delivery-slots

Add cross-selling to your checkout

Your checkout page doesn’t just have to process payment, it can also work hard to increase sales with the addition of cross-selling.

In fact, customers are more likely to be convinced to buy additional items while at your checkout. Making it one of the highest converting locations in your store.

order bump at checkout

With Sales Booster for WooCommerce, you can add an ‘order bump’ within the checkout itself. 

Depending on the items in the customer’s cart, you can change the offer you include. Or simply create one which appears store-wide. The result of which naturally increases your average order value, making more sales for your online store.

Get the plugin here: iconicwp.com/sales-booster-for-woocommerce

Get customizing your WooCommerce checkout page

Creating a custom checkout page for your WooCommerce store has never been easier with a little help from a few great plugins. 

Have anything else you’d like us to add to this guide? Leave us a comment below and we’ll make sure to add it.

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