WooCommerce Quickview

Quickly View and Interact with Products

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WooCommerce Quickview allows your customers to view and interact with products directly from the catalog listing pages.

There are many options for customisation available, including the ability to choose a position for the Quickview button to appear, button icon, button colour, and so much more.

Your customer’s experience will be improved dramatically, allowing them to effortlessly¬†browse your online store, and make purchases more effectively.

The quickview modal includes all of your vital product information, including the title, price, description, variable options, and an image gallery.

The design of the modal will fit seamlessly with any theme, and is fully responsive; meaning it even works on mobile devices.


  • Regular License - $49

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All the features you need

  • Speed

    WooCommerce Quickview makes it quick and easy for your customers to view and add products to their cart, directly from the product listing pages.

  • Sleek Styling

    The sleek and minimal styling of quickview means it will blend perfectly into any theme.

  • Customisable

    You can customise the position of the quickview button, the button text, colours, and so much more.

  • Integrated

    WooCommerce Quickview will integrate seamlessly into your theme, using WooCommerce hooks to place itself in your product listing pages.

  • Gallery

    Use the Quickview gallery feature to navigate easily between all products on a single page using the prev/next arrows.

  • Hooks & Filters

    The Quickview modal includes a variety of hooks and filters to make it easier for developers to insert additional product information.

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