WooCommerce Quickview

v3.4.14 (24 Apr 2020)
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Version compatibility
[update] Update POT file

v3.4.13 (20 Mar 2020)
[update] Version compatibility

3.4.12 (2 Dec 2019)
[new] Add setting to choose QuickView button HTML tag
[update] Enhancements to the quickview shortcode
[fix] JS error when opening variable products with many vairations
[fix] Error when using shortcode

3.4.11 (1 July 2019)
[fix] Freemius Fix

3.4.10 (2 Mar 2019)
[fix] Security Fix

3.4.9 (10 Jan 2019)
[fix] Issue with template loader

3.4.8 (10 Jan 2019)
[update] Update dependencies

3.4.7 (12 Sep 2018)
[update] Implement Iconic core classes
[update] Update dependencies
[fix] Fix swatch group styling in quickview

3.4.6 (29 Aug 2018)
[update] Update Freemius
[update] Update settings framework
[update] Separate out imagesloaded and slick dependancies
[update] Add WC version parameters
[fix] Grouped product button styling
[fix] Product price when using WPML currency
[fix] Ensure AJAX add to cart works
[fix] sizeof error when displaying tags in quickview

3.4.5 (14/08/2017)
[update] Add new licence system
[fix] Compatibility with Show Single Variations

3.4.4 (02/04/2017)
[update] WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility

3.4.3 (22/12/16)
[update] Update settings framework
[update] Add quickview_button shortcode
[fix] Compatibility with latest WooThumbs

3.4.2 (19/06/16)
[fix] Fix Ajax add to cart issue when attribute name/value contains special chars
[update] Compatibility with WooThumbs
[update] Update dependancies
[update] Relative admin_url

3.4.1 (19/06/16)
[update] Author tags
[fix] Issue where add to cart buttons stopped working after opening quickview
[update] Add compatibility for WooCommerce Attribute Swatches by Iconic

3.4.0 (25/04/16)
[fix] Ajax add to cart issues
[update] Updated and refined all javascript
[update] New settings framework refinements
[update] Change SKU on variation selection

3.3.2 (11/03/16)
[fix] Require wp util and jquery for script
[update] Add RTL support

3.3.1 (10/02/16)
[fix] Gallery next/prev not working because of WPML 3.2.6 pid fix
[fix] Button styles

3.3.0 (09/02/16)
[fix] Issue where placeholder image was showing
[update] Settings framework updated - backup before update, and re-save settings if required after update.

3.2.6 (01/02/16)
[fix] WPML issue - pid moved in ajax call
[fix] Updated scripts

3.2.5 (20/01/16)
[update] Compatibility with Shop the Look plugin
[fix] Updated for Woo 2.5.0

3.2.4 (14/01/16)
[update] Compatibility with "Show Single Variations" plugin!
[fix] Add to cart bugs with new WooCommerce versions and variable products
[update] Tidy and refine code

3.2.3 (02/12/15)
[update] New gulpfile and SCSS methods [admin]
[fix] Remove nonce check on add to cart to prevent cache issues

3.2.0 (12/08/15)
[update] Add templating system to allow template overrides]
[update] Filename change to stay in line with WP coding standards Important
[update] Translations

3.1.1 (11/08/15)
[fix] Set spinner width explicitly
[update] Change &$this to $this

3.1.0 (19/05/15)
[Fix] YITH Wishlist compatibility

3.0.9 (01/04/15)
[Fix] Ajax add to cart in some instances

3.0.8 (01/04/15)
[Fix] Set cart cookies when adding to cart, if they're not already set
[Update] New image slider to allow for auto height and offer a better experience
[Update] Add Plus/Minus buttons
[Update] Refactoring classnames and CSS
[Update] Move dynamic CSS to head
[Fix] Fix variable add to cart when using gallery mode
[Fix] Temporary fix for grouped products

3.0.7 (23/07/14)
[Fix] Removed duplicate jcksf messages
[Update] Added error notification for "Sold Individually" products, and other errors.
[Fix] Fixed group products when adding to cart via AJAX.
[Updated] Tested with WooTheme swatches and Variations plugin.

[Update] Added translation files
[Update] Added option to close quickview after adding to cart
[Update] Added hooks to popup for customisation

[Fix] Changed admin scripts to only load on options page
[Fix] Fixed ajax add to cart on some themes

[Update] Updated the AJAX add to cart functionality to update WooCommerce Cart Widget
[Fix] Allow for nested hover

[Fix] Updated for Old WooCommerce
[Fix] Fixed AJAX add to cart URL

[Update] Added setup_postdata, and globals into includes - just in case

[Update] Rewritten for version 2.1.2 of WooCommerce
[Update] Overhaul of options page
[Update] Ajax add to cart
[Update] Default styles
[Update] Option to manually insert button

[Update] Minor translation update
[Fix] Prevent QV from loading on all products in "Related"

[Update] Changed to official AJAX method
[Update] Added option to show full desc or excerpt
[Fix] Moved constructor to remove error

[Update] Responsive functionality
[Update] Gallery functionality
[Update] Options Page to enable/disable product data
[Update] Now utilises ajax

Initial Release