WooCommerce Delivery Slots

Book and reserve delivery timeslots

The WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin enables your customers to choose and reserve a delivery date and time for their order.

As an admin, you are able to define available delivery days, as well as configure specific time slots. You can set an additional fee and “lockout” number for each time slot; if you have a limited number of drivers each night, you can restrict specific time slots to a certain number of orders. On top of this, you can define days in the year where deliveries cannot be made; perfect for defining holidays and breaks.

The plugin comes with a fully-customisable shortcode, which allows your customers to reserve their date and time slot for up to x minutes; giving them piece of mind throughout their shopping process that their delivery can be made at a convenient time. Your customer’s reserved time slot will be pre-filled on the checkout page, where they can also change it if they like. If your customer hasn’t reserved a date and time slot, then they can simply choose one at checkout. You can define whether these fields are required.

Once the order is processed, your user will see a confirmation of their delivery date and time, along with all the other order information. You will also be able to see these details in the backend on each order; making it easy for you to plan your deliveries effectively.

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Key Features

  • Upcoming Deliveries

    Admin users can see a tab of upcoming deliveries.

  • Currently Reserved

    Admin users can also see a tab for timeslots that are currently reserved, but not yet placed as an order.

  • Integrated

    A date picker and timeslot selection field will be implemented into your checkout process, making the customer's journey very smooth.

  • Fees

    Each timeslot can have an additional fee applied at checkout.

  • Conditions

    You can set a max / min selectable date, add a number at which each timeslot is disabled, restrict timeslots to postcodes, set a cut off for same or next day delivery, and more.

  • Holidays

    Add holidays in the settings to disable certain days when your store will not be making deliveries.

  • Reserve

    Customers can use the reservation table to reserve a slot while they shop, so they have piece of mind when it comes to checking out.

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Great plugin

Great plugin which delivered exactly what I needed – it is highly customisable and allows me to offer delivery slots and prices depending on location of the customer

An excellent plugin

An excellent plugin with impressive in depth functionality, the customer support has been fantastic and the author has continued to update and improve the plugin since we purchased it 9 months ago.

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