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One very happy Customer

I bought this to improve on the capabilities of basic WooCommerce and it certainly does. However, I use the Avada theme 5.1.6 and WooCommerce 3.0.3 and when I put things together I couldn’t get the shop to display.

I had a long chat with James and gave him access to my site. In a couple of minutes all was working well, it turns out that the Avada theme version I have doesn’t set a width value and that was my issue.

The quality, patience, and good humour of James was such that not only did he solve my issue quickly but i was grateful to learn some things along the way.

I am now looking at the Swatch plugin that IconicWP offer too as I think that will help my shop greatly.

I highly recommend this plugin andIconicWP in general.

One very happy Customer here.


The support for this product is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone with a WooCommerce site. Great product too!

Rock on my friend!

Works very well, customer support is top notch and we are very happy with our purchase 🙂 Rock on my friend! All the best, Vya