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About Iconic

We make plugins out of passion and necessity. All of our WooCommerce plugins aim to serve a purpose; to help e-commerce website owners and developers.

With careful consideration for user experience, our plugins are well thought out, well coded, and easy to use.

We have built a number of popular WooCommerce plugins, and helped thousands of people better their e-commerce stores by extending the default functionality of WooCommerce.

Our ideas are constantly flowing, our support is second to none, and our passion is ever expanding. We are Iconic.

Fantastic Ratings

Feedback is important to us; our aim is to provide affordable, high-quality plugins.

25,000+ Downloads

Collectively, our plugins have received over 25,000 downloads.

Featured Reviews

One very happy Customer

I bought this to improve on the capabilities of basic WooCommerce and it certainly does. However, I use the Avada theme 5.1.6 and WooCommerce 3.0.3 and when I put things together I couldn’t get the shop to display.

I had a long chat with James and gave him access to my site. In a couple of minutes all was working well, it turns out that the Avada theme version I have doesn’t set a width value and that was my issue.

The quality, patience, and good humour of James was such that not only did he solve my issue quickly but i was grateful to learn some things along the way.

I am now looking at the Swatch plugin that IconicWP offer too as I think that will help my shop greatly.

I highly recommend this plugin andIconicWP in general.

One very happy Customer here.


The support for this product is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone with a WooCommerce site. Great product too!

Rock on my friend!

Works very well, customer support is top notch and we are very happy with our purchase 🙂 Rock on my friend! All the best, Vya