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We make plugins out of passion and necessity. All of our WooCommerce plugins aim to serve a purpose; to help e-commerce website owners and developers.

With careful consideration for user experience, our plugins are well thought out, well coded, and easy to use.

We have built a number of popular WooCommerce plugins, and helped thousands of people better their e-commerce stores by extending the default functionality of WooCommerce.

Our ideas are constantly flowing, our support is second to none, and our passion is ever expanding. We are Iconic.

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Feedback is important to us; our aim is to provide affordable, high-quality plugins.

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Collectively, our plugins have received over 25,000 downloads.

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WooThumbs is the most versatile product imagery plugin for WooCommerce, enabling zoom, sliders, video, fullscreen, multiple images per variation, and options to customise the appearance.

WooCommerce Quickview enables your customers to quickly view a product from the catalog page. They can add it to their cart, making it quicker and easier for them to browse your shop.

WooCommerce Product Configurator allows you to create layered images for your variable products, meaning it is not necessary to create a multitude of final image variations to show the user what they are buying.

WooCommerce Delivery Slots enables your customers to choose and reserve a delivery date and time for their order. You can add a limit to the number of allowed reservations, restrict time slots to specific postcodes, and so much more.



WooSocial adds social interactions to your WooCommerce store. Product likes, user follows, and profile activity are among the features that WooSocial offers.

Fancy Product Preview for WooCommerce adds a hover effect to your catalog listing product images. Simply hover a product image and be presented with an easy-to-use image gallery, making it effortless for your customers to get a true idea of your product.

Create Fundraiser style products within your WooCommerce store, with target goals, dates and rewards. Fundraisers will also provide your customers and website visitors with useful information about the current fundraiser status.

Whether it’s the latest outfit, a retro bedroom, or a flower bed; you can use the WooCommerce Shop The Look plugin to make it easy for your customers to add items to their cart all from a single product page.


Real-Time Assistance

Great product, but the best thing is the amazing support.  I chatted with James K on their support live chat. He was able to provide real-time assistance, suggest tweaks to my site and help iron out the tiny little compatibility issues. I’ve never received support as good as this from any plugin. Thank you James.

on WooThumbs

The support for this product is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone with a WooCommerce site. Great product too!

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Rock on my friend!

Works very well, customer support is top notch and we are very happy with our purchase 🙂 Rock on my friend! All the best, Vya

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