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Featured Reviews

Excellent plugin, even better support!

When I first set up my online store almost five years ago I realised that while the default variable product option for WooCommerce is great, not being able to display these individual variations on the front end in my store catalog was far from ideal and could limit sales.

Comic books are often released with variant covers, these covers are generally completely different from the standard ones and more often than not have limited release amount and different prices to the standard covers.

The Show Single Variations plugin allows me to show all available options at once, allowing customers to add them to their cart directly from the catalog view.

The difference in variable product sales was immediately noticeable. I’m a big believer that less required clicks makes for more sales and this plugin goes a long way to prove it.

Being able to add variations to cart from the catalog view, rather than having to ‘Select options’, load the products main page and then chose which variation(s) the customer wants has led to a dramatic increase in sales.

I would recommend the Show Single Variations plugin to anyone who uses variable products in their WooCommerce store. For me being able to show all variations on the front end is an absolute must.

on WooCommerce Show Single Variations
Product Variations Not Hidden Anymore!

I had created a pottery site and many designs were not different enough to warrant their own separate product listings, so it made sense to add them as product variations.

A few hours of adding products later, I realized, to my great dismay, product variations do not display in WooCommerce category lists, shop and search pages.

I was on the verge of preparing to muscle through breaking out all of my product variations to separate listings, until a WooCommerce support person steered me in the direction of a nice little plugin called “Show Single Variations”.

With this plugin installed, all I have to do now is select the relevant options inside the product variation’s drop-down to have that product variation display on product listing pages.

If you have a WooCommerce store with lots of products with variations that you don’t want hidden from shop displays and other listings, the elegant “Show Single Variations” is going to make you a very happy camper.

on WooCommerce Show Single Variations
Great support & great product

I tried several products with similar features as WooThumbs, so before giving up testing products I decided to give it a try and it’s definitely a relief I found this one. I had some issues at the beginning due to my own theme configuration and the support was great, was able to get it up & running in no time. I highly recommend this plugin and if you are running the Flatsome theme don’t hesitate and go ahead, this one works!

on WooThumbs for WooCommerce