WooCommerce Local Delivery Bundle

Add local delivery and local pickup to WooCommerce with ease

Includes WooCommerce Delivery Slots, Flux Checkout for WooCommerce, and Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce.

Trusted by over 20,000 WooCommerce Businesses and Online Shops

Save up to 40% on the sales-boosting WooCommerce plugins in this bundle

WooCommerce Delivery Slots

WooCommerce Delivery Slots

Choose a delivery date and time for each order. Add a limit to the number of allowed reservations, restrict time slots to specific delivery methods, and so much more.

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  • Schedule Delivery or Pickup at the Checkout
  • Reserve and Then Shop
  • Maximise Order Capacity for Any Given Day and Time Slot
  • Flexible Scheduling and Fees for Delivery, Pickup, Same Day, and Next Day
  • Prevent Orders on Holidays or When Your Store Is Closed
Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

Prevent abandoned carts with a slick multi-step checkout experience, designed for your customer’s device.

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  • A Distraction Free Multi-Step Checkout
  • Your Checkout Style, Your Way
  • Save Customers Time With Address Autocomplete
  • Customizable Thank You/Order Completion Page
  • Seamless Checkout on Mobile and Desktop
Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce

Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce

Use proven cross-selling techniques to increase the average order value of your store.

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  • Boost Sales By Cross-Selling On The Product Page
  • Cross Sell Once A Customer Clicks ‘Add To Cart’
  • Cross-Sell At The Checkout With An Irresistible Offer
  • Add a Post-Purchase Cross Sell After The Checkout
WooCommerce Delivery Slots Delivery Slots
Flux Checkout for WooCommerce Flux Checkout
Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce Iconic Sales Booster

Why Choose the WooCommerce Local Delivery Bundle?

  • Offer local pickup and food delivery options for your customers.
  • Reduce abandoned carts with an upgraded mobile-friendly checkout.
  • Increase your average order value by including cross-sell product addons.

Our WooCommerce local delivery plugins are easy to install and require no coding knowledge whatsoever. So all you have to do is customize them to suit your store and watch your conversions increase.

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Trustpilot - 5 Stars

Amazing customer support!

I am writing this review because their support team went the extra mile to make the plugin work on my website. Absolutely amazing! I will be a long-term customer for sure!

Niek Hogenboom

Trustpilot - 5 Stars

Great set of plugins & customer service!

Great plugins! We use the attribute swatches plugin together with the WooThumbs on all our websites. They work great and even better the customer service is also great. Better than any other plugin we use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question about WooCommerce Local Delivery Bundle? Check out some of the most popular questions and answers below.

  • Can I change the domain associated to the license?

    Yes. Our system checks against the number of active installs, rather than the specific domain names. You can deactivate the plugin on one domain and then activate it on another domain with no issues.

  • Can I still use the plugin when my licence expires?

    If you purchased an annual license, then yes, you can still use the plugin in its full capacity even after your license expires. However, you will no longer be able to receive updates or support for the plugin.

  • Can I use my licence in a development environment?

    Yes. Most development environments will not count towards your site limit.

  • Do you offer lifetime licenses?

    No. We do not offer any lifetime licenses for our plugins.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, if you decide within 30 days of purchase our plugin is not for you, we’ll happily refund you in full.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    No, however, we do have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide within 30 days of purchase our plugin is not for you, we’ll happily refund you in full.

  • Do you offer multi-site licenses?

    Yes, we do (and they’re heavily discounted)! When the checkout modal opens you can choose between 1 Site, 3 Sites, and 30 Sites under Plan Selected at the top. If you have any other requirements, please get in touch via our support page.

  • Is this a lifetime licence, or will it stop working after 1 year?

    The license is an annual subscription. It can be canceled at any time. If you cancel the subscription, the plugin will continue to work as normal until the end of the paid-for period.

    Once the license expires or is canceled, you will no longer receive updates or support for the plugin.

    After expiration or cancellation, the plugin will continue to work on your site.

  • Why do I need a subscription?

    WooCommerce is evolving constantly. A subscription model allows us to continue supporting the latest releases and offer the best support we can.

  • Will it work with my theme?

    All Iconic plugins are tested in multiple WooCommerce themes. As long as your theme is well coded and WooCommerce compatible, it will work. If there are any issues, we’re more than happy to try and fix them; just get in touch.

  • Will my subscription renew automatically?

    Yes, your subscription will renew automatically every year, unless you cancel it. If you do decide to cancel it, your license will still be valid for the paid-for period; this means you will still receive updates and support during that time.

  • Do you offer monthly plans?

    No, not for single plugins; we only offer annual plans. For bundles, we do offer monthly and annual plans.