WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

Replace Variation Dropdowns with Image, Color, and Text Swatches

Improve your customer’s shopping experience with color and image swatches for WooCommerce.

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Swatch Types for WooCommerce

A Choice of Swatch Styles

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches gives you a variety of swatch types. You can choose the style that suits your needs, your audience, and your products. You can use the same type of attribute swatch throughout your entire site, or pick and choose to suit each individual product.

Key benefits:

  • Color swatches – let customers see all of the product’s color options in one place.
  • Image swatches – show a preview of each variation’s actual appearance, so your customer has a clear sense of what they’re getting.
  • Text and radio buttons – display product attributes as clickable text-based options; ideal for non-visual attributes such as “Size”.
WooCommerce Swatch in Filters

Improved Product Filters

The default product filters in WooCommerce are functional, but they could be more user-friendly and informative.

The good news is that you no longer need an additional plugin in order to enhance these filters. Now, you can use your visual and text-based swatches within the product filter widgets.

Key benefits:

  • Provides customers with a visual way to sort and filter products.
  • Improves the appearance and style of your WooCommerce filters.
  • Offers a preview of the various options available for your products.
WooCommerce Attributes in Shop Page

Swatches on Catalog Pages

WooCommerce’s product filters aren’t the only part of your store that WooCommerce Attribute Swatches can enhance. You’ll also be able to display customized swatches on catalog and shop pages. This lets customers who are browsing your store see exactly what’s available, even before visiting a particular product page.

Key benefits:

  • Display any type of attribute swatch on catalog and shop pages (and make your decision based on each individual product, if desired).
  • Offer customers an at-a-glance view of what options are available for each item.
  • Let customers click through to the product page by selecting swatch icons, or set it up so that clicking on a swatch changes the product’s image.
WooCommerce Attribute Fees

WooCommerce Attribute Pricing

On a standard WooCommerce store, you’ll need to configure each variation of a product separately if you want to offer options at different price points. WooCommerce Attribute Swatches makes it a lot easier to customize the fees for your products.

Now it’s possible to create complex pricing structures for variable products by increasing or decreasing the price based on the chosen product options.

Key benefits:

  • Set up a customized pricing structure quickly and intuitively.
  • Attach fees to attributes of a product. I.e. when the “Material” is “Gold” add $15 to the product price.
  • Automatically adds relevant fees when customers select an item.

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More Incredible Features

The features listed above are only a snapshot of what you’ll get with WooCommerce Attribute Swatches. Let’s look at some of the other options it provides for enhancing your store’s look and functionality.

Categorize & Group Swatches

Create swatch groups to make your customer's decision easier. For example, group product colors into plain and patterned.

Assign Swatches Globally or Per-Product

Set your swatch styling for all products at once, or override it on a per-product basis.

Modern Swatch Designs

Choose between different swatch designs and then customize them further on a per-attribute basis.

Customize Shape and Size

Easily change the shape and size of your visual swatches to suit the situation.

Tooltip Swatch Hints

Enable tooltips when hovering visual swatches to further assist customers in making their decision.

Large Preview for Image Swatches

Enable large image previews on hover to give your customers an up-close preview of the product option.

View Swatch Availability

Out-of-stock and unavailable swatches are marked as such, making the shopping process straightforward.

Quickview Compatible

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches works perfectly with our Quickview plugin.

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  • Version: 1.3.3
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2021
  • Released: 16 May 2016
  • WordPress: 5.7
  • WooCommerce: 5.2.2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question about WooCommerce Attribute Swatches? Check out some of the most popular questions and answers below.

  • Can I change the domain associated to the license?

    Yes. Our system checks against the number of active installs, rather than the specific domain names. You can deactivate the plugin on one domain and then activate it on another domain with no issues.

  • Do you offer lifetime licenses?

    Yes. For individual products we offer a lifetime license. You can view the pricing for annual and lifetime licenses by clicking “Select License” in the pricing section.

  • Do you offer monthly plans?

    No, not for single plugins; we offer annual and lifetime plans. For bundles, we do offer monthly and annual plans.

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    If you purchased a lifetime license then your license will never expire!

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    Yes. Most development environments will not count towards your site limit.

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    There are 2 types of license, annual and lifetime.

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    After expiration or cancellation the plugin will continue to work on your site.

  • Why do I need a subscription?

    WooCommerce is evolving constantly. A subscription model allows us to continue supporting the latest releases and offer the best support we can.

  • Will it work with my theme?

    All Iconic plugins are tested in multiple WooCommerce themes. As long as your theme is well coded and WooCommerce compatible, it will work. If there are any issues, we’re more than happy to try and fix them; just get in touch.

  • Will my subscription renew automatically?

    Yes, your subscription will renew automatically every year, unless you cancel it. If you do decide to cancel it, your licence will still be valid for the paid-for period; this means you will still receive updates and support during that time.

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I’ve gone through almost 300 plugins for a very complex site and these guys are simply the best. I use four of their plguins. The quality of the plugin itself, the attention to detail, the understanding that is fits into a bigger picture, its minimal impact on load times and all that, the responsiveness of their support. They are, simply, the best.