WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

v1.3.2 (23 Nov 2020)
[fix] Fixed fees not working bug

v1.3.1 (18 Nov 2020)
[update] Update dependencies
[fix] Ensure iconic_was_disable_fees runs at the right time
[fix] Ensure attribute labels are only modified in the variations table
[fix] Fix tooltip image alignment issue
[fix] Only add "From:" price label if product has fees

v1.3.0 (28 Oct 2020)
[new] iconic_was_catalog_swatches shortcode for displaying the shop/catalog swatches
[new] Accordion Feature
[new] Overflow feature - slider, "more", and stacked
[new] Add global fee field for attributes
[update] Offset tooltips when on the screen edge
[update] Add iconic_was_disable_fees filter to disable fee hooks
[update] Allow fees to be set to 0 for product attribute
[update] Improved swatch tooltips - no layering issues
[update] Allow float values in fee field (i.e. 2.50)
[update] Compatibility with WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS)
[update] Added a new class on single product page suggesting swatches status
[update] Compatibility with Product Bundles by SomewhereWarm
[update] Hide group label when no terms are available for it
[update] Update POT file
[update] Update dependencies
[fix] Don't show backorder products as out of stock
[fix] Add fees to dropdowns for product attributes
[fix] Firefox page reload swatch state issue
[fix] Swatch fees showing "0" when no fee set
[fix] Fix price with fees in mini-cart

v1.2.7 (23 Apr 2020)
[update] Compatibility with "Smart Variation Images"
[update] Compatibility with Iconic Sales Booster
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Change default swatch style to "border"
[fix] Handle custom attributes (fixes array_diff() error)
[fix] Swatches showing square rather than round
[fix] Rounding precision issue when using attribute fees
[fix] Persistent Object Cache issue

v1.2.6 (18 Mar 2020)
[update] Version compatibility

v1.2.5 (28 Oct 2019)
[update] Add out of stock class to swatch list item (so it can be hidden or styled)
[fix] Ensure attributes set to "any" are counted as available

v1.2.4 (23 Oct 2019)
[update] Improve performance when loading swatches in the catalog
[update] Changed tick icon to embedded fontawesome svg (
[update] Compatibility with OceanWP Theme
[update] Update dependencies
[fix] Ensure unavailable swatches are not shown in the catalog
[fix] Mark out of stock variations as disabled in the catalog
[fix] Check for product before adding fee to attribute label (fixes issue with Jilt)
[fix] Deselect unavailable attribute automatically

v1.2.3 (30 July 2019)
[update] Change fee calculation method for better compatibility
[update] Ensure variation sale price is formatted correctly
[fix] Prevent double tap on ios
[fix] Slow query when fetching first variation for an attribute value (archives)
[fix] When adding fee to swatch label, check product is not a string (issue with Jilt compatibility)

v1.2.2 (1 July 2019)
[fix] Freemius fix

v1.2.1 (23 Apr 2019)
[update] Don't show attribute fees for admin labels
[update] Allow swatches to be positioned in ajax based results
[update] Deselect unavailable attributes on page load
[fix] Attributes not showing in Swatches tab
[fix] Issue where new product page was not loading

v1.2.0 (18 Apr 2019)
[new] Ability to add fees to each attribute option
[update] Compatibility with Woo 3.6.1
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Use CRUD for product meta
[fix] Stop layered nav swatches being replaced by single product settings

v1.1.4 (2 Mar 2019)
[fix] Security Fix

v1.1.3 (10 Jan 2019)
[new] Show swatches in layered nav filters
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Allow swatches to be hidden in loop per product via iconic_was_hide_loop_swatches filter
[fix] Sometimes the product image is not updated when clicking on swatches in the loop
[fix] SSV compatibility. The context switch wasn't restored at the right place on the product loop when product had multiple attributes
[fix] Sometimes attributes didn't appear in the loop
[fix] The swatches in the loop didn't follow the custom terms order set in the backend

v1.1.2 (10 Sep 2018)
[update] implement Iconic core classes
[update] Allow swatches to be displayed under variation products on the catalog
[fix] Issue with product specific visual swatches saving
[fix] Use jQuery instead of $ when editing attributes
[fix] Change method of selecting value in select field

v1.1.1 (15 Jun 2018)
[fix] Attributes not selected when over AJAX variation threshold

v1.1.0 (14 Jun 2018)
[update] Add WPML config settings
[update] Flatsome compatibility helpers
[update] Add POT file
[update] Better conditional fields in admin
[update] Add Woocommerce Variations Table - Grid compatibility
[update] Freemius
[update] Optimize catalog swatches
[update] Hide unavailable catalog swatches
[update] New style options for visual swatches
[update] Add ability to group swatches by label
[update] Add filters to modify default swatch sizes iconic_was_default_swatch_size
[fix] Product specific attribute swatches not showing in catalog
[fix] Double tap selection issue on touch devices
[fix] Attribute order for composite products
[fix] Image switch size
[fix] Some styling issues in the product edit panel
[fix] Don't add swatches in catalog if $product is false
[fix] Output of swatch options when creating a global attribute
[fix] Don't remove current values when changing swatch type
[fix] Ensure "disabled" options are greyed out

v1.0.10 (07/10/2017)
[update] Freemius

v1.0.9 (13/09/2017)
[update] Re-enable product-level swatch catalog settings
[update] Allow custom swatch sizes
[fix] Escape double quotes in swatch data attributes
[fix] Some performance updates

v1.0.8 (06/08/2017)
[fix] wp_mail issue

v1.0.7 (02/08/2017)
[update] Code tidy
[update] Add filter for loop position priority
[update] Add new licensing system
[fix] Make sure chosen attribute span is more specific
[fix] Product tab formatting
[fix] Deprecated action
[fix] Make sure swatches are positioned on 'init'

v1.0.6 (02/04/2017)
[update] WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility
[update] Made "disabled" swatch styling more apparent
[update] Add attribute data to swatch data for filters
[update] Improve load time in archive
[update] Allow large preview without enabling tooltips
[fix] Undefined index error

v1.0.5 (21/12/2016)
[update] Show available options on hover
[update] Remove slug_alt variable
[update] Atelier compatibility
[update] Added filters to the modify_attribute_html function
[update] Remove dashboard
[update] Add option to change image when swatch is clicked in catalog view
[fix] Remove max-width on preview image

v1.0.4 (18/07/2016)
[update] Add large preview option to tooltip
[fix] Compatibility with Shop the Look plugin

v1.0.2 (21/06/2016)
[fix] Fix admin product tab when attributes do not exist
[fix] Fix label in admin variations tab
[update] Ability to show swatches in the catalog listing, they also click through to select that option.

v1.0.1 (19/06/2016)
[update] Add swatch options title to term edit page [fix] Remove license key page [update] Add check for WooCommerce plugin [update] Allow disabled swatches to be clicked - refresh selection [fix] Stop tooltip text wrapping [fix] Correct attribute term ordering [update] Compatibility with WooCommerce Quickview by Iconic [update] modify labels for normal select fields

v1.0.0 (16/05/2016)
Initial release