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Make the checkout right side window more compact.

Would love to see an option to make the checkout right side window more compact. Right now there are big margins, large photos, and large descriptions making it difficult to see at a glance, especially if there is more than one or two products. I’ve attached an example of a Shopify store that does this…

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Option to disable links in catalog

Add a ‘None’ option to ‘Catalog Swatch Method’ to disable linking. I just want to display the size attributes in the catalog to show which sizes are available. I don’t want them to be clickable. This could improve performance and avoid clickable areas being too small on mobile.

Under Review Category: Attribute Swatches 0 comments
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Show offer based on cart value or contents

Sales Booster only shows offers depending on what item is in the cart. Having more filters would be nice. I would like to show offers based on cart value or the quantity of items in the cart.

Under Review Category: Sales Booster 1 comment
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Different effect for each product category

Regarding Image Swap woocommerce plugin , it would be nice if you could specify different swap effect per product or per product category (if per product is challenging) instead of the same one being applied to all the products of the shop.

Under Review Category: Image Swap 1 comment
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Allow a custom title for each attribute in a group

In the linked variations plugin, consider as an example some products are linked by the “Color” attribute. Instead of the title to say “Color” and then to list the variations, allow the admin to change the title to something like “Choose from an available color”

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Serve images from CDN

Add option to rewrite URLs of images for gallery to serve them from CDN. Right now this could be done with the following hook: // ******************** // Iconic Woothumbs: serve swiper images from CDN add_action( ‘iconic_woothumbs_all_images_data’, ‘add_cdn_to_single_image_data’, 10, 2); function add_cdn_to_single_image_data( $images, $product_id ){ if (is_array( $images )) { for ($i = 0; $i $value)…

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