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Index Variations Based on Category

I’d like to be able to run the indexer based on product category so I can set different values for different categories. At the moment I have 2 very large categories that are going to be product only and then some smaller categories that I want to be showing the variations. When I run the…

Category: Show Single Variations 1 comment
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QTY settings in Product Configurator to link with product swatches

Currently, when adding quantaties within the product configurator the product swatchs displaying on the shop page don’t cross out any out of stock items. This does function on the individual product page, however it doesn’t load instantly. The out of stock swatches are only crossed out once a user starts clicking on different swatch options….

Category: Product Configurator 0 comments
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Compatibility with Search and Filter

I’d like to see the swatches on the catlog page to be compatible with the search and filter plugin. This is an ajax loading filter and when a swatch product disappears, based on the filter and is then reselected it comes back without the carousel functionality causing the layout to go wrong. Refreshing makes it…

Under Review Category: Attribute Swatches 1 comment
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Assigning swatches to multiple groups

This may be a repeat. The ability to group swatches is nice but, using your example, it is very likely that an ecommerce site would offer many shades of each of those seven colors. Those might be vendor or product specific. For some, a group of light colors and a group of dark colors might…

Under Review Category: Attribute Swatches 0 comments
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Does this plugin support WebP images displayed with Imagify?

Seems like this plugin wont present our WebP images correctly. We use Imagify to create the WebP images and use the option to replaces the tags with tags within Imagify. All other pictures seems to work, but not pictures in the product page and thumbs where this plugin is used

Under Review Category: WooThumbs 1 comment
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Possibility to ignore Time Slot fee on Next Day deliveries

I have a situation, where items in Shipping Zone A have a $10 fee on Mon-Fri and items in Shipping Zone B have a $15 fee on Mon-Fri. However when the customer selects a next day delivery then I want the price to be $5 for all Shipping Zones and ignore the Shipping Fees that…

Category: Delivery Slots 1 comment