Dokan multivendor support for pickup and delivery slots

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Dokan multivendor support for pickup and delivery slots

I found this here but cannot see the post to vote on I am looking for a shipping plugin that can allow pickup time slots for Dokan multi vendor marketplace. Thanks
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Luca Lanzalaco 1 year ago

Good morning. I m glad I found this section as I m facing the same issue. I would gladly need this function to be available for all vendors more than the admin only. Realizing I could not do this put my business at a stop for weeks and I m still trying to find a solution.

retronetwalker 2 years ago

Any updates on this one as I would immediately buy it if included!

Jhim admin 2 years ago

Hi Retronetwalker,

Thank you for your question. This feature request is still under review. This integration isn't a walk in the park but rest assured and we promise that every feature request is logged, will be subject to review and we will endeavor to improve our software as best we can over time.

Please make sure you add your vote for this feature so you can get notified for every updates about this feature. 🙂

claytoncuteri 1 year ago

Hi, I just voted. Does this mean I will get an email if this product is added?

dillan harbour 2 years ago

i would love and pay for my vendors to be able to integrate a pick up at their store while paying online

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