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5 votes

Lazy load images

I have up to 10-15 images per variation and woothumbs loads them all at once. Loading only 1 or 2 first images and then loading […]

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1 vote

Product flash happens on the bottom gallery

All product image bottom gallery flash when the slider is reinitialised, please view the video. Please fix the bug Video link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqr6peAjywJ8gZZvaYFKwSd29Fw-0Q?e=Ab4fqK

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2 votes

ASAP delivery start time

There is a cutoff time for asap delivery. Why is there no option also for start time of ASAP delivery? Its really confusing cause people […]

Category: Delivery Slots 1 comment
3 votes

Make templates overridable

Please add the functionality for the templates to be overridden through the theme. Most plugins have this functionality so I think it will be beneficial […]

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