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Slider for linked variants

I need the slide for the linked variants like this on mobile https://teechip.com/tcf-01-best-aunt?retailProductCode=6262B2AA13F5F7-1C5C0001137F-GS2-TC5-NAV

Category: Linked Variations 1 comment
3 votes

Double the date and time picker

The plugin would even double its great value if another date and time picker for “picking up” the customers goods is added. All services which […]

Category: Delivery Slots 1 comment
3 votes

Linked Products

Instead of creating a product with unique variations, create a product with linked products to build a final product.

Category: Product Configurator 1 comment
1 vote

Efficiencies (on a very large site)

I use lots of plugins. You do really good work. It’s not until or unless you’re building a very large site (and dealing with WordPress’s […]

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