Let the customer input their own text

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Let the customer input their own text

Let the customer input their own text which then shows on a custom image
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  1. Avatar nicmare says:

    need this too. But not only with text. A user imageupload (typically a logo) would also be nice.

  2. Avatar dwork says:

    If you implement this, it would be nice to charge for the text line (e.g. $3.00) OR to charge per letter (e.g. $0.35 per letter).

  3. Avatar Peter says:

    This is something I’m looking for as well. Like on this site:
    It would be an instant buy for me.

  4. Avatar nndesign says:


    Yes I could use this…


  5. Avatar it CityGirl says:

    Yes, yes, yes! We need this. The world needs this!!

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