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1 vote

Conditional availability of timeslots

My feature request is to enable selecting certain timeslots only for member (who bought specific membership)? and show only limited/no slots to others? For example: […]

Category: Delivery Slots 0 comments
2 votes

conditional logic expanded.

The conditional logic plugin is helpful, but it would be more helpful if entire attributes were conditional. Let me explain… If I have a shirt […]

Category: Product Configurator 2 comments
1 vote

Delivery week

To have the option to choose a delivery week instead of just a delivery day. So the customer can choose a date but this is […]

Category: Delivery Slots 0 comments
4 votes

Allow visual editing of Flux Checkout

The ability to edit Flux Checkout visually would be a huge improvement and i’m very surprised the function isn’t already available, especially with the cost […]

Category: Flux Checkout 1 comment