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Allow marking orders complete from the Upcoming Orders screen

When using Delivery Slots for a busy restaurant, it is hard for a kitchen to mark an order as complete, quickly and efficiently. Currently, the kitchen staff must click through to the order, then mark it complete, then close the window/tab to return to the Upcoming Orders screen. Ideally, Delivery Slots should present an “Actions’…

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Remove variant selection when only one available

This should be very easy to implement. Say I have a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt linked. The black is out of stock. Then I don’t want to show the white t-shirt option to the user. It makes no sense. I got a snippet from support to remove it using javascript. But that creates…

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OR logic

It is possible to do this with four configurator layers (two duplicate sets) but it could be done with 2 if OR logic was supported. “IF ‘Orientation=1’ AND ‘Side=Front’ OR ‘Orientation=2’ AND Side=back” on one layer and “IF ‘Orientation=2’ AND ‘Side=Front’ OR ‘Orientation=1′ AND Side=back’

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Linked Variations on the admin product page

On the admin product page, show the links for this product with the possibility to add a new links (It could be a tab like shipping and attributes). It would be a nice feature and save the work of having to open linked list after a new product is created.

Category: Linked Variations 2 comments
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Show bullet below Main Image

Right now the bullets are visible on the image. There are a few images where the bullets are not visible properly due to background issues. Can you give an option to show bullets below the image.

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Public Wishlist when logged in

When you create a new public whislist you need to fill in your Name and Email, even when logged in to WordPress. When logged in to WordPress (Woocommerce, Buddypress, etc.) the wishlist should take that information automatically from the User Profile. There should also be an option in the settings that makes public Wishlists available…

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