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Additional Filters

Add additional AND fields/options to the conditions. 1. Products in cart (this field already exists) 2. Products not in cart (this field does not exist) 3. Categories in cart(this field exists but it’s setup as an alternative to the “Product in cart” field) 4. Categories not in cart (this field does not exist) With these…

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Apple pay compatibility

Currently apple pay does not work with our checkout system (checkoutwc) because it is required for date & time to be completed first before pressing apple pay. But apple pay doesn’t have these options. Solution could be: To allow apple pay, and then show date & time after ordering.

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Differente swatch size for shop page

When setting size for images swatch, this size is used in the product page and, if enabled, in shop pages also. But we should be able to set a different size for the shop page, which doesn’t occur.

Under Review Category: Attribute Swatches 1 comment
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Individual discount for Frequently Bought Together

We have an option to set a discount for the whole FBT offer. But in some cases it is useful to create an offer like: Buy product A and get 50% off on product B. In this case, It would be great if we can set a discount on the product.

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Preloader animation on click for Linked Variations

Add an option for image/loader/animation when the item variation is selected? This would be different than a page loader, but before the page starts loading there is a delay for the initial response. Users dont think they clicked it and click it again or bounce on the page. There is something just like this on…

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Use Multiple Time Slots when necessary

Based on the size of the cart and/or attributes of cart items, allow multiple time slots to be used during checkout. For example, my bakery can take 10 orders for lightly decorated cakes each Saturday, but we can only handle 2 super-fancy cakes. We have attributes and pricing that reflect the complexity of the cake…

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Conditional availability of timeslots

My feature request is to enable selecting certain timeslots only for member (who bought specific membership)? and show only limited/no slots to others? For example: for a shopping site, we can enable certain type of prioritize or free delivery only to the members who subscribed for the specific type of membership. Rest of the registered…

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