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Create a Cart Notice that will display dynamic, actionable messages to customers

Add notice to cart and checkout with conditions based on whether products or product categories are in the cart or are not in the cart. There are a few plugins that attempt this but don’t do it well. Like this:- https://woocommerce.com/products/cart-notices/ My use case is simple. I want to show a message on the cart…

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Bring back support for Klaviyo to Woo with Flux Checkout

Klaviyo is a pretty popular email system and allows for precise targeting based on user activity on the ecomm websites. It already provides the connection to WooCommerce, which allows for tracking for basic checkout events out of box. However, right now it’s not tracking “Started checkout” event when Flux checkout is activated because the fields…

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Link products by tag

I have a store of 5000 products. It will be more convenient for me to link my products based on tag. I just need to set the correct tag in Linked Variations section instead of finding and adding products manually.

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Additional Filters

Add additional AND fields/options to the conditions. 1. Products in cart (this field already exists) 2. Products not in cart (this field does not exist) 3. Categories in cart(this field exists but it’s setup as an alternative to the “Product in cart” field) 4. Categories not in cart (this field does not exist) With these…

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Apple pay compatibility

Currently apple pay does not work with our checkout system (checkoutwc) because it is required for date & time to be completed first before pressing apple pay. But apple pay doesn’t have these options. Solution could be: To allow apple pay, and then show date & time after ordering.

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