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3 votes

Product Configurator - Different angles

We sell handbags. We have several options: Color, with zipper or without, with logo on the front or without, with a storage compartment on the […]

3 votes

Product Config: Linked Products

Instead of creating a product with unique variations, create a product with linked products to build a final product.

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2 votes

Christmas Delivery Slots

Is there a way we can set a single date up with its own delivery slots. This would be great for non standard delivery days […]

Category: Delivery Slots 0 comments
2 votes

Implement a filter in slots_available_on_date function

The general idea is to hide or show one timeslot with custom code. Request: Implement a filter in slots_available_on_date function Or “get_slots_available_count” or “is_timeslot_available_on_day” It […]


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