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Dokan multivendor support for pickup and delivery slots

I found this here but cannot see the post to vote on https://wordpress.org/support/topic/are-there-any-pick-up-delivery-slots-plugins-that-integrate-with-dokan/ I am looking for a shipping plugin that can allow pickup time […]

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Reservation Table by shipping method

Currently it seems the reservation table simply lists all available time slots across all available shipping methods. In our case, certain shipping methods (including local […]

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Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Integrate with WooCommerce Subscriptions so that customer can only pick a date within the subscription period, depending on the frequency of the renewals. Enable customer […]

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Different angles

We sell handbags. We have several options: Color, with zipper or without, with logo on the front or without, with a storage compartment on the […]

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