Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

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Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Integrate with WooCommerce Subscriptions so that customer can only pick a date within the subscription period, depending on the frequency of the renewals. Enable customer to modify the delivery date for subscriptions (within the subscription period) and automatically populate the delivery date field on check out when a subscription is upgraded / downgraded / crossgraded to avoid confusion.
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  1. fredrik.karlberg says:

    Also for woocommerce subscriptions – make sure the original first parent order delivery/pickup date does not automatically get copied to renewal orders – especially if subscription product is marked as “one time shipping”.

    Ideally, if “one time shipping” is marked new renewal orders should not have a delivery/pickup at all.

  2. bentzmann says:

    Also if the subscription is not a one time shipping it would be nice to do the following :
    – set the next delivery date in the subscription And be able to change in admin
    – set the renewal to happen x day before the next delivery date (especially if delivery date is changed)

  3. James Kemp says:

    Did anyone have any further input on how they’d like this integration to work while we’re reviewing it with the Subscriptions team?

    • Francesca says:

      I would like customers to be able to select the delivery date and time for the first order when they first buy the subscription product. I would then like them to be able to change the delivery date from the personal area, where subscription details are available. If they select a more expensive date/time slot, that would be visibile and they would be charged on following renewal. It would be possible to change the delivery date (and time) until cut off for the specific day. Changes would be picked up in the renewal order or switch order made by the customer. I can go into further details if needed. Thanks.

      • James Kemp says:

        As the delivery slot is a specific date, do you envisage the next date to be automatically selected and displayed to the customer? I.e. it’d choose the same date in the following month for a monthly subscription?

        • Francesca says:

          Hi James, yes. For a weekly subscription for instance, if the customer was to select Monday between 9am and 10am, I would expect that following week the subscription is delivered on the same day (Monday) and time (9-10am), as well as same delivery fee. I would give the ability to the customer to change both delivery date and time (and fee if applicable) though. Ideally, I would love the payment renewal to be alligned to cutoff for the selected delivery date. In my previous example, if my cut off for Monday delivery is on Sunday at 7pm, the customer will be able to chanage the delivery date up until Sunday at 7pm. If they change the delivery date to Wednesday, I would like the renewal payment to be moved to Tuesday at 7pm (or whatever the cutoff for Wednesday is). One last thing: customer would be able to change the delivery date only within the subscription period. So for a weekly subscription, customers will only be able to move the delivery within the 7 day period. Hope this makes sense and can help you, happy to support further if needed.

  4. I think for my current client and application it will actually be too complicated. I think it is a nice feature and I do know that a competitor’s Delivery Slots plugin offers this integration. I just think it doesn’t fit my exact use case right now very well. The customer would need to have the ability to skip or modify an existing delivery event in the My Accounts page. Important if they plan a holiday or suddenly realize they won’t be home. Essentially it needs to be able to handle exceptions to the regular delivery schedule. I think a Google/Outlook calendar button or download is needed to help users remember. I also think you will need to get custom delivery schedule by product or category running very well to make this work smoothly. Customer reminder emails would be nice as well.

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