Select delivery date and time slot visibility by product category

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Select delivery date and time slot visibility by product category

For example for Easter a restaurant could have a special menu that you can sell only with delivery Easter, and maybe for Easter the classic menu it isn’t good so you cannot buy a pizza for Easter. At the moment the only option its to close the delivery for EAster (like a holiday) and don’t give the time slot delivery
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Hi guys, An other example use case would be breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. I'm trying WPC Product timer for now, but yeah.. another plugin!


This feature is desperately needed on the woo commerce platform. I've got many clients in hospitality where we require specific menus to be available for pick up on specific dates.

thymesupport 8 months ago

This is so needed. There's a million situations where this applies - holiday orders for retailers (or holiday meals for restaurants), takeout vs catering orders for restaurants, etc, etc.

Morgan Speirs 1 year ago

I think this is desperately needed. I wanted to add a Valentines Food Box to be collected only on the 13th of February and I can't do it.

Also I want to be able to assign some product categories for collection only at the weekend while the others are available every day.

If you could set this up it would be an amazing addition.

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