Did you know that in 2018, the percentage of people abandoning their online shopping carts was 75.60%?

This means that over 75% of the people who put one of your products in their cart, will potentially not go through with the sale. It would be easy to blame this high percentage on the indecision of customers, but many online stores forget about making sure their customer’s buying experience is top-notch, right up until they click ‘purchase’.

With just a little buyer’s psychology, you could amend your checkout to reduce that number significantly.

4 WooCommerce Checkout Customization Techniques To Boost Sales

In this article, you’ll learn our favorite WooCommerce checkout customization techniques which you can implement to stop leaving money on the table and start bringing in the revenue your store deserves.

1. Keep your checkout simple

When was the last time you wanted to buy a product from an online store, only to abandon the purchase because the checkout process was taking too long?

It happens more often than you think. In fact, 9% of people abandon their carts because the checkout process is too long and 22% said they leave, simply because they had to create an account. 

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When customizing your WooCommerce checkout, you’ll want to make sure you keep everything as simple as possible. 

Think about the following:

  • Do you need all of the default form fields to send your product to the customer?
  • Can you change your checkout to be a one-page checkout?
  • Do you need customers to create an account with you, or can you add a guest checkout function?
  • Can you minimize friction by providing a tick box that lets buyers state that the billing address and the shipping address are the same?
Flux Checkout for WooCommerce
Simplified checkout using Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

By minimizing the steps your customer has to take to make a purchase, you’re significantly reducing the likelihood that they’ll abandon their cart. 

In addition to the fields in your checkout, you’ll also want to make sure that the page your checkout sits on is simple and clutter-free.

The last thing you want is to have your potential customer distracted by your menu, sidebar, or flashing ad, right when they’re making a purchase.

Amend your checkout page to have a minimal header and footer, or use a popup checkout to reduce distraction and keep your customers on course. 

Find out how to simplify your checkout with our guide: How to Create a Multistep Checkout in WooCommerce

Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

Prevent abandoned carts with a slick multi-step checkout experience, designed for your customer’s device.

2. Encourage trust with testimonials

Trust is everything once you reach the checkout, which is why it’s the focus for our next two techniques. 

No matter what you’re selling, implementing testimonials into your WooCommerce checkout customization will remind the customer that you can be trusted. The addition of this social proof right at the point of sale is an excellent prompt that will serve you well.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Remind your customer that you can be trusted by using testimonials at checkout. #WooCommerce” quote=”Remind your customer that you can be trusted by using testimonials at checkout.”]

In particular, this technique works well for information or digital products, but can also work well for physical goods. 

Here’s a great example of how Neil Patel uses testimonials at his checkout stage:

Another example of this technique is to add ‘also used by’, or ‘also purchased by’ logos of well-known companies or people in your niche right at the checkout. This customization reinforces yet more social proof by showcasing your existing customer base – encouraging a trustworthy purchase.

3. Encourage trust with a trust seal

People are extra weary online, especially when handing over their card details. So at the checkout, it becomes absolutely essential that you show you can be trusted.

Many default checkouts come with credit card logos and multiple payment options. These both show that you’re a legit store, but we want to take it one step further than that.

Install a trust seal at the checkout

“A trust badge is a symbol placed on your website that ensures your visitors that the page is legitimate and that all their data is collected through secure third-party service providers.”Omniconvert

Here are some trust badges in action at our very own checkout:

You can see that these logos draw the eye and give the customer reassurance that our site can be trusted.

Numerous studies have found that there is a positive correlation between trust badges and increased conversions and sales.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Using trust seals on your #WooCommerce checkout is likely to increase conversions.” quote=”Using trust seals on your WooCommerce checkout is likely to increase conversions.”]

In a study by Actual Insights, they determined that 75.66% of people chose not to purchase something because they didn’t recognize the trust logo. If that’s anything to go by, then adding trust seals to your checkout process is a must to ensure your customers feel safe when buying from you.

If you want to use trust seals throughout your checkout process, it’s recommended to place them near form fields where the visitor is required to enter personal information.

4. Encourage extra purchases right at the checkout

When your customer is at the checkout, one of the most underutilized WooCommerce checkout customization techniques is to add in an irresistible offer that they simply can’t refuse.

This one-time offer is simple and easy for the customer to add straight into their cart, giving them a friction-free experience and boosts your average order value in one go.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Increase your #WooCommerce store’s average order value with an irresistible offer at checkout.” quote=”Increase your WooCommerce store’s average order value with an irresistible offer at checkout.”]

Adding an extra offer that only appears at the checkout means that you’re not bombarding your customer with more products. Rather, you’re presenting them with an offer that’s impossible to say no to.

cross sell after checkout

As a bonus, you can add yet another offer directly after they’ve clicked ‘place order’ which they can add to their purchase, rather than their cart. This way, the customer can make a quick decision and the conversions tracked, are sales. 

This is the most powerful cross-sell technique you can use. In fact, it has the highest conversion rate of any other cross-sell location. 

You can implement these last two WooCommerce checkout customization techniques with our plugin Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce. It helps you implement the best cross-selling techniques quickly and easily into your store so that you can increase your store’s revenue.

Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce

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By focusing on your WooCommerce checkout customization, you can be sure that each time your customer goes to make a purchase, you’ve done everything in your power to help make the sale.

Because without thinking about the last step to making a purchase, you’re leaving money on the table – and who would want that?