Getting started with WooCommerce Show Single Variations


To install the plugin:

  1. Open wp-admin and navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Click Choose File, and choose the file from your CodeCanyon download zip.
  3. Once uploaded, click activate plugin.
  4. The plugin is now installed and activated.


Currently, there are no global settings for the plugin. You can configure the variation display options on a per-variation basis.

Showing Variations

When editing or adding a product variation, you can select whether to show the single variation in the catalog, search results, and filtered results. See the Image below for where these settings are found.

Show in Search Results?

If a user uses the WooCommerce search field to find a product by name, the variation will be displayed (if it matches the search query).

Show in Filtered Results?

If a customer uses the product filters in a catalog listing, the variation will be displayed (if it matches the search query).

Show in Catalog?

The variation will be displayed in normal catalog listings, like the homepage or a category page.


When set, this variation will show in "Featured Product" queries, like the featured product shortcode available in WooCommerce.

Disable "Add to Cart"?

If you want stop people from adding the variation to cart from the catalog pages, check this. It will force the user to click through to add to cart.

This can be useful if your variation has size and colour attributes, but you're only showing one size of each colour in the catalog results.

Bulk Settings

Using the bulk options dropdown in the variations tab, you can toggle the following options for all variations:

  • Visibility
    • Toggle "Show in Search Results"
    • Toggle "Show in Filtered Results"
    • Toggle "Show in Catalog"
    • Toggle "Featured"
  • Cart
    • Toggle "Disable 'Add to Cart'"
  • Reporting
    • Update "Total Sales"
      Run this if you want to update the total sales of this product, for use when ordering by popularity.
  • Filters
    • Update "Filter Counts"
      Sometimes the filter counts in your catalog sidebar are wrong. Run this to update the filter counts based on your variation visibility settings.

Use a Different Title for the Product Variation

By default, the variation will use the same title as it's parent product. You can change this by entering a new title into the Display Options - Title field. See the Image below for where these settings are found.

Hide the Main Variable Product

You can do this by default in WooCommerce anyway; simply set the main product visibility, found under Publish > Catalog visibility, to your requirements, and click Update or Publish.


v1.1.3 (22/12/2016)
[update] Add filter to catalog add to cart button
[update] Remove dashboard
[fix] Allow WP All Import functions to run when not in admin
[fix] Issue where wp_query was too resource intensive for getting term counts
[fix] Update term counts when running a bulk toggle

v1.1.2 (19/09/2016)
[fix] Remove menu order filter, for now. Need to reassess and add back in.
[fix] Don't get variations with missing parents
[update] Add Iconic dashboard
[fix] Don't get broken variations in shortcode
[fix] Add filter to price filter widget to include variations (pending WooCommerce update)

v1.1.1 (24/08/2016)
[fix] Make sure the URL is always using a variation
[fix] Issue where all variations were showing when translating a product via WPML
[fix] Bulk actions reset the filter counts
[fix] Issue when adding attributes not used for variations
[fix] Disable function that updates product order temporarily
[fix] Prevent infinite loop on wp_update_post
[fix] Issue where no ID is present for title
[update] Adding ability to import data to variations when using WP All Import

v1.1.0 (14/06/2016)
[update] Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.0 - filter counts will work again once WooCommerce release the next patch [update] Change method for checking if parent variable product is published

v1.0.13 (09/05/2016)
[fix] Add padding to variation menu order to fix when there's more than 10 variations
[fix] Load plugin textdomain

v1.0.12 (04/05/2016)
[update] Official WPML compatibility

v1.0.11 (18/04/2016)
[fix] Fix manual product ordering
[fix] Variations were always being enabled one product save
[fix] Fix product status transition to account for draft products

v1.0.10 (10/02/2016)
[update] Option to disable "Add to Cart" button per variation
[update] Add "non-variation" attributes to variations on product save
[fix] Change layered nav query to use filter
[update] Add add_to_cart class on button

v1.0.9 (03/02/2016)
[fix] Update category counts on frontend to include variations
[fix] Update attribute counts on frontend to include variations

v1.0.8 (20/01/2016)
[update] Compatibility with Atelier theme

v1.0.7 (15/01/2016)
[fix] Variations are now added to filter counts on save
[update] Bulk option to update filter counts
[update] Variations are now added to tags
[fix] Variations are added when a category is added to an existing product

v1.0.6 (30/12/2015)
[update] You can now set individual variations as "Featured"

v1.0.5 (30/12/2015)
[fix] Index 'key' not set
[update] Include display title in search
[update] Bulk action - Update "total_sales" for popularity ordering
[fix] Variations displayed in popularity order

v1.0.4 (17/12/2015)
[update] Added compatibility for shortcodes
[fix] Variations removed if parent is deleted

v1.0.3 (18/11/2015)
[fix] Change is_purchasable method
[fix] Change permalink method to cover more ground
[update] Bulk actions for toggling visibility
[fix] When variations filtered, they were being limited to 12

v1.0.2 (08/11/2015)
[fix] Price filter only fix

v1.0.1 (06/11/2015)
[fix] Change "add to cart" to "select options" if not all attributes for variation have been selected

v1.0.0 (02/11/2015)
Initial Release

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