How Product Videos Can Increase Your Online Sales

Let’s be honest, posting good quality video content can be expensive. Hence, you would most likely lean towards the less expensive marketing strategies, like images or infographics, but did you know that 73% more visitors would make a buying decision if the product comes with a video ( source )?

So, I want to talk about the many benefits that a video as an accompanying media provides your product, and how you could boost your WooCommerce sales if you were to attach a descriptive video to your product using WooThumbs.

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1. Video Lays out the benefits of the product in an easy to grasp manner.

To understand this particular positive, you have to think like a customer. Would you make a buying decision solely based on the description of the product, no matter how descriptive it is? Even if you were a highly tech-savvy person, there would always be a “what if?” in your mind about the product, right?

According to demoup, who carried out one such study on why people end up show-rooming ( inspecting the product in local retail stores, to finally buy it online ), 46% of potential buyers are dissuaded from buying products online if it comes without an accompanying video that provides a hands-on experience with the product ( source ). This could lead to a huge loss in potential sales.

It’s easy to make your product video prominent on your single WooCommerce product page when using WooThumbs. Simply add an image to your gallery and assign a YouTube, Vimeo, or other video URL to it. The embedded media will now be displayed alongside your product images; the first place your customers will look.

2. Google categorises websites containing video content higher.

Google loves videos; if you didn’t know that, now you do! If you were to put videos on your website, your ranking results would improve ( if they aren’t very high already, we trust in you! ), which would lead to higher inward traffic and more conversion rate.

According to an estimate made by search engine land ( source ), videos make-up 14% of the search engine results, and as over 90% of the probable consumers watch videos at least once every week ( source ), you could, in turn, lose this large chunk of the potential market to tap into.

3. A video could easily hook your visitor to the product.

To expand upon this point, let’s take a comparable example; which would you prefer more, the book Lord of the Rings or the movie? Most would say aye to the movie, and nay to the book. This is exactly the market that you want to cater to. With the reading rate of American adults on a steady path of decline, we have started avoiding reading altogether; but, if the same information could be shared in an easy to view and concise manner, it would hook the visitor onto your product almost instantly.

That’s not to say the textual content should be any less descriptive or enticing. The two content components should work hand-in-hand. However, according to MCM, 71% of the consumers believe that video explains a product better ( source ). These customers were asked to compare it against written material, infographics and images. So, clearly, video stands out when compared to these variations of marketing.

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4. If an image is equivalent to 1000 words…

If an image could be equated to 1000 written or spoken words in its impact, understanding the impact of a video is best left to your better judgment! Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research states, “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”.

Also, you could strike an emotional chord with the customer and tell them how the product benefits them in their life ( directly or indirectly ); something which would be hard to convey through an image or the written word, as it would lack the pre-requisite directives.

5. Good-quality video builds trust.

It’s an agreed upon point that trust leads to more solid and substantial relationships. Furthermore, if your prospective client trusts you implicitly, he/she would be more than happy to publicise you through all the channels possible. After all, a good social media campaign hinges on inciting a spark, and letting it turn into a huge fire, thus generating higher traffic.

Well, according to Animoto ( source ), exactly 58% of the customers believe that companies with product videos can be trusted. Just imagine the amount of return traffic that you could garner!

A word about the new media embed feature in WooThumbs.

WooThumbs has been much loved by its users for the simplicity it provides them in displaying product images. But, as we have discussed, videos are known to lead to a higher conversion rate.

As such, I’m excited to announce the addition of a new feature in WooThumbs: media embeds!

The new media embed feature in WooThumbs allows you to assign a video or media from a number of video hosting services to any image in your product gallery, including variation images. You can set the aspect ratio to match your imagery.

Now when a potential customer views your product page, they will be able to watch your awesome product video, or listen to your SoundCloud media, inline with your other images.

Do you have any stories about success with using product videos in eCommerce? Are there any features you’d love to see in WooThumbs? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. phj says:

    Great, video functionality is a real big plus, it looks great and the video embeds easily!
    Maybe, next feature 360 image support?

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