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How to Customize WooCommerce: The Ultimate Guide

The standard WooCommerce install/setup might work well when you’re first starting your online store, or if you need something basic. But, if you need to customize WooCommerce and get it working harder for you, we’re here to help.

Here at Iconic, we love to help WooCommerce store owners create stores that drive more sales, increase conversions and provide the best possible experience for customers.

This is why we’ve combined all our articles, tutorials, and resources into this guide. We’ve broken it down into sections so you can jump straight to the part that you need help with. 

Click one of the below categories to get started:

Customize the WooCommerce product page

When it comes to being able to customize WooCommerce, most people start with the product page. After all, it’s on this page that most online stores win or lose sales. The following articles have been written to help you customize this page, from cross-selling to upgrading your product gallery and more.

Customize the WooCommerce category pages

When customers browse your site, they will probably spend a lot of time looking through your category or product listing pages. In order to make this process faster and encourage quicker purchases, customizing your category page is a must. Here are our articles to help:

Customize the WooCommerce checkout

The standard checkout that comes with WooCommerce isn’t bad, but it could be so much better. In order to avoid checkout abandonment, reduce load times and customize your WooCommerce checkout to suit your business, the following articles will help:

Managing WooCommerce variations and attributes

Product variations and attributes within WooCommerce can be complicated to set up. Either that or they might not provide you with enough customization. Variations just so happen to be one of our specialties here at Iconic. So, the following articles will help you to set up variations and attributes, manage them with ease and get them working harder for you:

Manage and update your WooCommerce site

Managing a WooCommerce store can get pretty complicated, as can updating it and keeping it running as smoothly as possible. So, in order to help store owners, we’ve rounded up some of our best articles to help make your job easier:

Improve WooCommerce customer experience

Customer experience is sometimes overlooked when it comes to customizing your online store. However, it’s possibly one of the most important investments you can make to increase sales and keep your customers coming back. So, here are our top articles to help you start thinking about customer experience:

Increase sales and customers in WooCommerce

When you want to customize WooCommerce, one of the first areas you’ll want to improve, is sales. It’s not surprising. After all, it’s probably the reason you started your online store in the first place. We’re here to help with our articles for increasing sales and customers in WooCommerce:

We love helping you customize WooCommerce

So there we have it, our best articles, tutorials, and resources to help you customize WooCommerce and get the most out of your online store. 

We’re passionate about the power you have to optimize your online store. So much so, we put all the knowledge and experience you see above into the plugins we create for WooCommerce. 

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