New in WooCommerce Show Single Variations - FacetWP, Flatsome, and Dummy Variations

New in WooCommerce Show Single Variations

WooCommerce Show Single Variations allows you to display individual product variations in your shop.

For each variation you can choose exactly where you’d like it displayed. Be it in the catalog, filtered listings, search results and more. You can also mark a product variation as featured and provide it with its own image and custom title.

In the latest release of WooCommerce Show Single Variations, v1.1.11, I’m pleased to say that I’ve added some exciting new features. These are all based on the feedback you’ve provided via email and our new feature requests board.

Lets take a look at some of the new features.

FacetWP Compatibility

FacetWP is an advanced filtering and facet search plugin. It has become a very popular choice amongst our users.WooCommerce Show Single Variations now includes full compatibility for FacetWP. Your customers can now filter your products and product variations quickly and easily.

FacetWP Filter Variations

Dummy Variations

You can now create variations which appear only in your product archive pages. I like to call them “dummy variations”. Dummy variations do not show up on the single product page and are not affected by stock status.

Creating a dummy variation is easy; set up your variation as normal and in the “Variations” tab you’ll see a new checkbox option labeled “Listings only?”. When enabled the variation will show on the catalog pages, without being purchasable. It will link through to the main product page and pre-select the relevant options.

WooCommerce Show Product Variations Listings Only

Imagine you ran a store selling socks. You could create dummy variations of all the different colours you offer and ignore the size. Previously you may have chosen a variation with colour and size options, then disabled the add to cart button. For some this would have been fine, but if you manage stock the variation may have stopped displaying. Using the new dummy variations means stock will never be an issue.

Exclude Parent Product from Filtered Results

You now have the option to exclude the parent product from your filtered results. This is great if you want to display specific variations only when your customer has filtered the products.

For example, say you ran a shoe store and your customer is looking for a pair of red shoes. You can have the parent product displayed until the customer filters by “Red”. At this point, WooCommerce would only display the red version of the shoe.

To hide the parent product from filtered results is easy! When editing a variable product you’ll find a checkbox labeled ‘Exclude from filtered results’ within the publish box. Simply check that and save the product.

WP All Export Compatibility

WooCommerce Show Single Variations now supports WP All Export in addition to WP All Import. You can export all your variation settings to a CSV file. This includes the fields for Visibility, Featured, Disable “Add to Cart”, and Display title.

Displaying Variations in Related Products

Variations will now display in the related products module if they are set to visible in the catalog. Making it easier for your customer to see the items you offer and for you to cash in on related sales.

Official Compatibility with Flatsome

Flatsome is fast becoming one of the most popular themes for WooCommerce. I’m happy to say that WooCommerce Show Single Variations now has built-in compatibility. If you’re currently looking for a theme to use for your site, I strongly suggest you check it out.

Flatsome Show Product Variations WooCommerce

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