Auto select closest available date

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Auto select closest available date

Hi James, It would be really cool if there is a Checkbox in the Date Setting to enable auto selection of the closest available delivery date. So users only need to select the time slot. Example: Today is Monday 12. When the user enters the checkout, the date is already selected for today and he only should select the time slot. If he wants he can change the date using the same picker but by default is the closest available date. Thanks! P.s. I think it would be nice to do it with time slots too! 🙂
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  1. alexdixon says:

    +1 This would be super useful.

    I’ve created a food takeaway/delivery site that only ever uses the current day, but the user still has to select todays date (even though it’s the only one available in the calendar).

  2. James Kemp says:

    It’s coming!

  3. bentzmann says:

    I confirm it would be great to do the same for time slot too.
    Thanks !

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