Maintain Slide Index on All Products

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Maintain Slide Index on All Products

I really prefer the look of not messing with the images for variations, I feel like it just confuses the user, at least with the setup that I have. I’d love a way to easily mark every product on your website to have the checkbox checked for “Maintain Slide Index?”. Right now, the only way to do this is a painful one-by-one process in the tabs section of each individual product.
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  1. James Walsh says:

    Agreed here.

    Losing the other images when a variation is selected , especially when many of the images in the parent product gallery are not variation specific. Wasn’t even aware this would happen with the plugin when I bought it.

    Going through every single one of our products and ticking this box is going to be so much work.

    Might have to look at an SQL script to do it.

  2. James Kemp says:

    Hey, this will be possible in the next version (4.6.23) of WooThumbs with a simple code snippet:

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