improve overflow "slider" option of variation swatches

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improve overflow "slider" option of variation swatches

When setting the overflow option to “Slider” of “How to display swatches with a large number of attributes” in the “Variation swatches” plugin, And then using the “linked variations” plugin to link a large number of simple products with community attributes, set the “style” to”inherit swatch settings”, the selected option of “overflow” can’t work in the product page, means the attribute images and colors can’t in a slider as setted. The attributes image/color slider function It’s very useful when managing a linked variation product page with a large number of attribute images/colors. Furthermore, it would be perfect if the user can choose whether the overflow line is a single line or two lines. In this way, the user can display as many attribute images/colors as possible at one time, but at the same time, the overflow part can be displayed in the form of a slider.
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