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It would be very interesting if you had an option not to accept orders for the first time of day while the store was closed. For example, if the store closes at 8pm, the user could set that from 7pm on the previous day it would no longer be allowed to accept orders for the first time of the next day. Let’s imagine a scenario: Delivery Slots: 8 – 9am 9 – 10am 10 – 11am 10 – 11am 11 – 12am 01 – 02pm 02 – 03pm 03 – 04pm 04 – 05pm 05 – 06pm 06 – 07pm 07 – 08pm When it is 7pm on the current day, the first slot time to be selected on the next day will be “9 – 10am”. And it’s nice to be able to set the time allowed to accept orders for each day of the week, as a store can have different hours depending on the day, such as on Saturdays and Sundays
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