Close slot after one shipping method (shipping zone) chosen

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Close slot after one shipping method (shipping zone) chosen

Hi ! We are extremely interested in your Woo-Commerce-Delivery-Slot plugin and the possibility to set conditions between shipping methods and slots.However, one of our client wants to make some deliveries by areas. As the cities are quite far from one another and he might not be able to deliver each of them at the same time, he wants its client to be able to have access to time slots regarding its area/zip code. Meaning that if no ones has already ordered in the time slot, he closes the time slot for its area/zip code once he order. And a client from a different area/zip code will not be allowed to order in that time slot. In that sense, we would like to use « shipping method » as our « delivery areas » and slots as different « time slots » during the day. We just have 1 questions : in the case a slot is taken for one « delivery area » (shipping method), is there a possibility for this particular slot to still appear in the referred « delivery area », but disappears from the other one ? Avoiding other clients from different areas to order during that slot ? Is that something possible with your plugin ? Thanks for your feedbacks ! Regards
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