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How to Customize Your WooCommerce Account Page

As an online store owner, knowing how to customize the My Account page in WooCommerce can help you improve your store’s usability and increase user satisfaction. This, in turn, can potentially lead to increased conversions and sales.

From an implementation standpoint, this typically involves:

  • Changing and sorting the content of the ‘My Account’ management tabs.
  • Showing certain account tabs (WooCommerce account menu items) to users based on their specific user roles.
  • Changing colors, labels, and icons to reinforce your brand and/or improve UX.

For example, if you customize your WooCommerce my account page using the WooCommerce Account Pages plugin, it might look something like this:

woocommerce customize my account page

In this article, we’ll show you how to customize your WooCommerce account pages with an easy to use plugin. Iconic plugins are built for speed and come with friendly support. Not to mention, they’re incredibly intuitive and easy to use and there’s no coding required.

Why WooCommerce Account Pages makes customizing the ‘My Account’ area easy

WooCommerce Account Pages plugin lets you fully customize the ‘My Account’ area of your WooCommerce store. You can use it to add new pages or new custom tabs (my account menu items) to your WooCommerce store and add any type of content you’d like to it.

The plugin is incredibly easy to use and lets you add as many custom pages as you’d like to the WooCommerce login area. And, if you’re using a page builder, you can also use shortcodes within the page and they’ll be rendered properly in the pages you create. All this without having to add any HTML or CSS code to your site for styling.

How to customize your WooCommerce My Account pages

While you can certainly customize the WooCommerce account page using HTML and CSS code, it’s much easier (and faster) to use a plugin instead.

Here, we’ll show you how you can use the WooCommerce Account Pages plugin in different ways to improve your account page’s usability to potentially boost conversions.

For this, you’ll need WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Account Pages plugin installed and activated to your WordPress website. The plugin works great with most WordPress themes.

#1: Tabbed links

By default, the My Account page has six tabbed links or pages. These are:

  • Dashboard (i.e. the account dashboard)
  • Orders
  • Downloads
  • Addresses (which lets them edit address details)
  • Account details
  • Logout

Using WooCommerce Account Pages, you can easily add new tabbed links or pages with custom content to the My Account page. This allows you to edit account pages (e.g. the account dashboard and account details) for your site’s users.

How to create new tabbed links

From the WordPress admin panel, head over to Pages > Add New. Give the new account page a title and enter some content in the text editor.

Create a new page in WordPress

For example, if you wanted to create a new tabbed link for WooCommerce customers to read FAQs, you’d call your page Frequently Asked Questions and enter some questions and answers in the text editor.

Set the parent page

Next, use the Page Attributes meta box to select your main account page as the parent page. Click the Publish button to proceed.

Preview of My Account area on the front-end

If you head over to the My Account page from your WooCommerce store’s front-end, you’ll see the new Frequently Asked Questions page is added to the bottom of the tabbed links.

#2: Add unlimited pages

One of the key benefits of using the WooCommerce Account Pages plugin is that you can add as many custom pages as you’d like to your eCommerce site’s My Account page. Since the plugin lets you add content to the page using the default WordPress text editor, you can add just about anything you’d like to your new page.

For example, you might use the space to:

  • Link to useful resources on your website or your cart/checkout page.
  • Share photos or videos.
  • Publish an FAQs section.
  • Notify customers about exclusive offers and deals.
  • Offer customers special discounts on products.
  • Make it easy for customers to visit the product page or homepage.

This is a great way to deliver a better customer experience to your customers and encourage them to buy more from you. You can also use it to improve user flow. For example, by adding the checkout page to the navigation.

#3: Use shortcodes

WooCommerce Account Pages supports shortcodes by default. In other words, if you’re using a page builder on your WordPress site – like Elementor – you can use shortcodes within your page and they’ll show up properly in the WooCommerce account area.

This is especially useful if you want to, say, add a survey or register form to a custom user account page, make it easier to access the cart or checkout, or display different content based on user role. For example, you might want to show new users a sitemap to different pages in your store. You can also add the user’s avatar to the account section.

#4: Change the page order

By default, WooCommerce Account Pages adds new custom pages to the bottom of the navigation menu items on the My Account page. In addition, if you’d like to re-order the pages, we recommend using a page-ordering plugin like Simple Page Ordering.

Once you have the WordPress plugin installed and activated to your website, you can simply re-order pages by dragging and dropping them into place from the All Pages screen. This way, you can improve the usability of your My Account page.

Customize your WooCommerce My Account page today!

Delivering good ecommerce user experience helps you encourage customers to keep coming back to your online store and boost sales. If you’re looking to improve your WooCommerce store’s user experience, then it’s a good idea to start with the My Account page.

To sum up, you can use WooCommerce Account Pages to add custom account pages to the WooCommerce ‘My Account’ area. As a result, this gives you an opportunity to present additional information to customers, offer exclusive discounts, or improve the login process. The plugin also supports shortcodes out of the box and lets you create as many custom pages as you’d like.

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