WooCommerce Attribute Swatches 1.3.0: Accordion, Overflow, Global Fees

We just rolled out v1.3.0 of our WooCommerce Attribute Swatches plugin, and it has some great new features and updates.

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

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New Features

Attributes Accordion

If your product has a lot of attributes, it can be quite overwhelming for your users.

The good news is we’ve implemented an accordion to make the sections collapsible.

Here’s what it looked like before:

And here’s how it looks with the accordion enabled:

To enable the accordion, go to WooCommerce > Attribute Swatches > Style > Enable Accordion.

Swatch Overflows

Another great new feature is the ability to change the overflow settings of your swatches. By default, swatches will stack up into rows (as seen in the screenshots above).

We’ve added 2 new options: Slider and Single Line.

If set to Slider your swatches will look like this:

When set to Single Line, it will look like this:

Both of these settings can also be applied to the catalog view:

These settings are applied per-attribute, or per-product per-attribute.

When editing a single attribute, set the Overflow setting to your desired choice. Alternatively, when editing a product, override the swatch settings in the Swatches tab.

Global Fees

A key feature of our WooCommerce Swatches plugin, is the ability to add additional fees to each attirbute value.

This makes it very easy to create dynamic prices based on the selected product options.

We’ve now enhanced this and allow you to set fees globally for each attribute term. These can then be overidden on a per-product basis.

Catalog Shortcode

We have now added a shortcode which lets you output the catalog display for swatches in any location.

The shortcode is [iconic_was_catalog_swatches] and currently has no parameters.


Smart Tooltips

We’ve enhanced the swatch tooltips in this release. There are two main enhancements:

  • Tooltip Layer
    Previously tooltips were placed on the same layer as the swatch. This meant they could be cut off if the overflow of the container was hidden. Now the tooltips sit on top of everything so they will never be cut off.
  • Edge Detection
    We have implemented edge detection so the tooltip will never go off-screen. Great for smaller screen sizes.

Disable Fees Functionality with a Filter

If you don’t plan to use our fees functionality for your swatches, you can now turn it off completely.

Simply add the following code to your child theme’s functions.php file:

Allow Decimal Values for Fees

Frequently requested, you can now use decimal/float values for fees.

Compatibility with WooCommerce Currency Switcher

We’ve added compatibility for the WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin.

Compatibility with Product Bundles by SomewhereWarm

We’ve also added compatibility for the Product Bundles plugin by SomewhereWarm.

Other Notable Updates and Fixes

You can find a full list of updates and bug fixes in the latest versions of Attribute Swatches in the changelog.

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

If you're not already using WooCommerce Attribute Swatches, you can start a 14-day free trial.

or learn more

James is the founder of Iconic and an experienced WooCommerce plugin developer.



  1. Eric Gracieta says:

    I updated thinkign it was cool, but it added more than you said…
    It added a “FROM:” before my price, without any ability to translate or remove it ! Quite annoying, can i have the previous version ?

    • James Kemp says:

      Hey, it is possible to translate the wording (it’s passed through the normal translate functions), you can also modify it using the iconic_was_price_from filter.

      You can also disable it completely with the following:

      function iconic_remove_from_price() {
      remove_filter( 'woocommerce_variable_price_html', array( 'Iconic_WAS_Fees', 'variable_price_html' ), 10 );

      add_action( 'init', 'iconic_remove_from_price' );

      Note that it should only show if you have fees enabled for the product.

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