WooCommerce Delivery Slots

Delivery and Pickup on Your Customer’s Schedule

    Offer a delivery or pickup date and time at checkout. Maximize your order capacity and improve your customer service.

    Trusted by over 16,000 WooCommerce Businesses and Online Shops
    Add deliiver or pickup slots at WooCommerce checkout

    Order Date and Time

    Schedule Delivery or Pickup at the Checkout

    • Increase customer satisfaction by letting them choose a convenient time frame for their order.
    • Assign delivery and pickup settings to each shipping method.
    • Modern design to match any online store.

    This plugin works great due to offering the ability to use WooCommerce shipping AND local delivery / pickup. Many competitive plugins don’t offer this.

    Reserve a delivery or pickup slot in WooCommerce before you shop

    Reservation Calendar

    Reserve and Then Shop

    • Allow your customers to reserve a delivery slot before they start shopping.
    • Place the reservation table anywhere on your website using a shortcode.
    • Customize the reservation table to suit your website.
    • Set reservation expiration time in minutes - ensure time slots are freed up again if a customer does not complete their order, or if their order is cancelled.

    WooCommerce Delivery Slots has been perfect for my needs and I was able to get the site up and running and fully functional quite quickly (despite not being a techie as such).

    Limit orders on any given day in WooCommerce

    Order Limits

    Maximise Order Capacity for Any Given Day and Time Slot

    • Ensure you have capacity by restricting the number of orders that can be placed per day and time slot.
    • Set order limits based on the day of the week and time slot.
    • View all upcoming deliveries in one easy-to-understand and sortable table.
    • Set the limit by total orders placed or total products ordered.

    I am using this plugin for a flower shop that offers a few options, including delivery and local pickup. This plugin gave us the opportunity to do that, flawlessly!

    Add fees to delivery or pickup days and times in WooCommerce

    Delivery and Pickup Fees

    Flexible Scheduling and Fees for Delivery, Pickup, Same Day, and Next Day

    • Customers can choose the perfect date and time for their order based on the selected shipping or pickup method.
    • Charge additional fees for same day and next day deliveries.
    • Disable same day and next day delivery options based on the current store time.
    • Charge additional fees based on the day of the week or time slot.
    Jamie Clark, Micros Pub

    This plugin has completely transformed the ecommerce side of our business. The support is also brilliant.

    Disable holidays and closed periods in WooCommerce

    Store Holidays

    Prevent Orders on Holidays or When Your Store Is Closed

    • Easily configure holidays where deliveries and pickups are not available.
    • Give your customers 100% clarity on when their order will arrive.
    • Disable dates based on the selected shipping method.
    • Disable specific dates or date ranges, and choose whether to repeat them every year.

    This plugin is much better developed and easier to use than another similar plugin we’ve used. Thanks for creating a better option!

    Built for Speed

    Our plugins will not affect the speed and performance of your WooCommerce store.

    Plug & Play

    We promise our plugins are easy to setup and easy for your customers to use.

    Translation Ready

    All of our plugins are compatible with WPML and other translation tools.

    Expert Support

    Our fast and knowledgeable support is regularly praised by happy customers.

    Before buying a premium WooCommerce plugin, you usually weigh its code quality, performance, support responsiveness, and compatibility. Thankfully, with Iconic's quality products, there's no need to worry at all.


    More Incredible Features

    Set Delivery Days

    Choose which days of the week you can make deliveries on.

    Shipping Method Restrictions

    Assign time slots to specific shipping methods, making it easy to create complex delivery date rules.

    Disable for Products or Categories

    You can disable the delivery date and time fields if specific products are in the cart.

    Calendar Themes

    Choose from a number of calendar styles to ensure it matches your store's design.

    Define Min/Max Delivery Date

    Define how many days required before the first and last available delivery date in the calendar.

    Delivery Date Fees

    Set fees based on the day of the week, same day, or next day deliveries.

    ASAP Delivery Option

    Allow your customers to select delivery "as soon as possible" instead of choosing a time slot.

    Disable Time Slots (X) Minutes Before Start Time

    Disable time slots if the order is placed a certain number of minutes before the time slot begins.

    Enable Slots for Specific Shipping Methods

    Choose which time slots show for which shipping methods. Create flexible shipping schedules.

    Time Slot Fees

    Charge an additional fee if your customer selects a specific day of the week or time slot.

    Disable Slots After (X) Orders

    Also known as "lockout", you can disable time slots after (X) orders on any one day.

    Deliveries Calendar

    View and sort upcoming and reserved delivery slots.

    Flexible Terminology

    Easy to change checkout labels; you can even change them based on the selected shipping method. I.e. "Delivery Date" or "Collection Date".

    Shipping Plugin Compatibility

    WooCommerce Delivery Slots is compatible with many 3rd-party shipping plugins. If you need one adding, just ask!

    Developer Friendly

    Plenty of actions and filters available to modify the functionality of WooCommerce Delivery Slots.

    After working with hundreds of WooCommerce extensions that are slow and bloated, it's been a pleasure working with Iconic. The code is clean. The features are focused. And best of all, they help grow your store's revenue!


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    • Version: 1.15.1
    • Updated: 01 Nov 2021
    • Released: 2 Apr 2014
    • WordPress: 5.8
    • WooCommerce: 5.8.0
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    Take an in-depth look at how WooCommerce Delivery Slots looks once installed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you got a question about WooCommerce Delivery Slots? Check out some of the most popular questions and answers below.

    • Will WooCommerce Delivery Slots work with my theme?

      Yes! WooCommerce Delivery Slots will work with any WooCommerce theme.

    • Is WooCommerce Delivery Slots compatible with..?

      WooCommerce Delivery Slots is compatible with a number of plugins, including: BE cart based shipping, Distance Rate Shipping by WPShowCase, WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping, Table Rate Shipping Plus by mangohour, Multi Step Checkout, Table Rate Shipping, WooCommerce Advanced Shipping, WooShip, and more. Just let me know if there's something missing.

    • Is WooCommerce Delivery Slots WPML compatible?

      Yes, it also comes with some pre-made translation files.

    • Can I change the domain associated to the license?

      Yes. Our system checks against the number of active installs, rather than the specific domain names. You can deactivate the plugin on one domain and then activate it on another domain with no issues.

    • Do you offer lifetime licenses?

      Yes. For individual products we offer a lifetime license. You can view the pricing for annual and lifetime licenses by clicking “Select License” in the pricing section.

    • Do you offer monthly plans?

      No, not for single plugins; we offer annual and lifetime plans. For bundles, we do offer monthly and annual plans.

    • Do you offer multi-site licenses?

      Yes, we do (and they’re heavily discounted)! When the checkout modal opens you can choose between 1 Site, 3 Sites, and 30 Sites under Plan Selected at the top. If you have any other requirements, please get in touch via our support page.

    • Can I still use the plugin when my licence expires?

      If you purchased an annual license, then yes, you can still use the plugin in its full capacity even after your licence expires. However, you will no longer be able to receive updates or support for the plugin.

      If you purchased a lifetime license then your license will never expire!

    • Can I use my licence in a development environment?

      Yes. Most development environments will not count towards your site limit.

    • Do you offer refunds?

      Yes, if you decide within 30 days of purchase our plugin is not for you, we’ll happily refund you in full. We also offer a 14 day free trial for you to test the plugin.

    • Is this a lifetime licence, or will it stop working after 1 year?

      There are 2 types of license, annual and lifetime.

      Annual licenses are subscription based and can be cancelled at any time. If you cancel the subscription, the plugin will continue to work as normal until the end of the paid-for period.

      Once the license expires or is cancelled, you will no longer receive updates or support for the plugin.

      After expiration or cancellation the plugin will continue to work on your site.

    • Why do I need a subscription?

      WooCommerce is evolving constantly. A subscription model allows us to continue supporting the latest releases and offer the best support we can.

    • Will it work with my theme?

      All Iconic plugins are tested in multiple WooCommerce themes. As long as your theme is well coded and WooCommerce compatible, it will work. If there are any issues, we’re more than happy to try and fix them; just get in touch.

    • Will my subscription renew automatically?

      Yes, your subscription will renew automatically every year, unless you cancel it. If you do decide to cancel it, your licence will still be valid for the paid-for period; this means you will still receive updates and support during that time.

    Customer Reviews

    4.51/5 based on 90 ratings

    very Efficient

    Easy to set up and met all requirements.

    great plugin

    Great plugin thanks . very usefull works great

    All good – good support

    Works well since years and provides new features to improve the experience

    excellent plugin and outstanding support

    I was looking for a plugin that could not just add delivery times to products for delivery, but also products for collection. There was some custom tweaks required but the support team were great at advising me and helped me set everything up. Amazing plugin, highly recommended

    Very useful, perfect for my site AND great support.

    This plugin is awesome. It does pretty much exactly what my client needed and the developer was super responsive and helpful! Highly recommend.