Use Variation images instead of Configuration images

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Use Variation images instead of Configuration images

We're attempting to model our site after the big T-Shirt sites (teespring, etc.) — upload a design and the software will place the design on a variable style product (e.g. a t-shirt, tank top, mug, etc.). Product configurator does this for one static design (e.g. the t-shirt blank with various colors). However, I'd like to have variations for style and type as well — t-shirt, hoodie, full-zip hoodie, and so on. Each has a different style, and therefore a different image. To be clear, we have 9 colors (the variations) but we also have 3 styles (Mens, Ladies, Youth) and 3 types (t-shirt, hoodie, full-zip hoodie). The styles as well as the types have different image blanks for each color. Consequently, as it sits right now, we'd need 9 products (3 styles x 3 types). The best solution I can see is to allow the configuration to display the image blank from the variation itself. It could be a simple configuration option ("select images from the configuration OR from the variation"), and get the images accordingly. This would allow me to have 3 styles x 3 types x 9 colors all in one product.
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