Available Hooks

The following is a list of action hooks available in WooCommerce Quickview, making it easy to customise:

  • jckqv-before-description
  • jckqv-after-description
  • jckqv-before-addtocart
  • jckqv-after-addtocart
  • jck_qv_images
  • jckqv-before-images
  • jckqv-after-images
  • jck_qv_summary
  • jck_qv_after_summary
  • jckqv-before-meta
  • jckqv-after-meta
  • jckqv-before-price
  • jckqv-after-price
  • jckqv-before-rating
  • jckqv-after-rating
  • jckqv-before-title
  • jckqv-after-title

WooCommerce Quickview

Quickly view any product from the catalog, without reloading the page. Encourage sales with easy and efficient product browsing.

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