Create Your First Bundled Product

Setting up a bundled product is easy. The following steps will have you set up in no time:

  1. Create a new WooCommerce product by clicking Products > Add Product.
  2. Give your product a title and description.
  3. In the Product Data section, select Bundled Product from the product type dropdown (it’s usually displaying Simple Product by default).
  4. Add a Product Image to your product, as normal.
  5. There is a new tab under product data called Bundled Products. Here you can choose the products for your bundle.
    • Products
      Click into the Products field and start typing the name of one of your other products, when it shows in the list, click it. Products will be displayed on the frontend in the order you add them here.
    • Price Display
      You can choose to display your bundled product price as:
      • None
        When None is selected, no price will be displayed on the product page or in the catalog.
      • Combined
        When Combined is selected, all prices will be added together to create a total price for all items. If a variable product is included in your bundle, then will be displayed as a min/max combined range.
      • Range
        When Range is selected, the price will be displayed as the lowest priced product to the highest priced product in the bundle.
    • Enable “Add All to Cart”?
      When enabled, a button is added after the product list enabling you to add all products to cart at once. If using variable products in your bundle, all options need to be selected before the button is enabled.

WooCommerce Bundled Products

Bundle a selection of products on a single product page. It even works with variable products!

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