How to Add an Order Sales Bump Position

If you have custom hooks in your checkout template, you may wish to add an order bump to that area.

Just add the following function to your theme’s functions.php file, and ensure you replace your_custom_hook_name with the hook you wish to use.

 * Move the bundled products.
function iconic_add_custom_order_bump_position( $hooks ) {
	$hooks['your_custom_hook_name'] = array(
			'label'             => esc_html__( 'Your Custom Hook Name', 'iconic-wsb' ),
			'require_table_row' => false,

	return $hooks;

add_filter( 'iconic_wsb_supported_hooks', 'iconic_add_custom_order_bump_position', 10 );

Note that require_table_row should be set true if you wish to output the order bump within the checkout table. It will wrap the order bump in a table row so that it does not get removed and pushed to the top of the table by WooCommerce.

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Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce

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