How to Create a One-Click Cross-Sell After Checkout

If you want to add a one-time offer that displays after the checkout, you can do so with Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce. This offer is added to the customer’s existing order in one click without the need to enter card details again.

Offering a discounted cross-sell right after your customer clicks the ‘Place Order’ button is one of the best ways to increase your store’s average order value.

So in this guide, we’ll take you through the steps you need to set one up.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Sales Booster > After Checkout.
  2. Then click the Add New button at the top of the page.
  3. Once clicked, you’ll be able to enter all the details for your cross-sell offer. First, enter a title.
  4. Below the title field you will see 3 tabbed sections.tabbed sections for sales booster
  5. The first section allows you to select which products to display this one-click cross-sell for.
    1. By default, this is set to All Products.
    2. If you change it to Specific Products you’ll see a search field where you can choose products to display the cross-sell for. You can show the cross-sell when Any or All of these products are in the cart.choose specific products for sales booster
  6. Once you’ve added your products, click the Offer tab.create offer tab
  7. This tab is where you’ll pick which products you want to offer in your cross sell. In the search field, enter the name, SKU, or ID of the product you want to add.
  8. Once selected, you can enter a discount for this product – this step is optional.
  9. Once happy with your selection, cick the Customize tab.customize design for sales booster
  10. Here you can customize the content displayed in the offer to suit you.
  11. Once happy, click the blue Publish or Update button in the Publish section to the right and your cross-sell is ready to go.
after checkout cross sell


  • If the customer already has the cross-sell product in their cart, the offer will not be displayed at checkout unless you check the ‘Show Order Bump even if the offer product is already in the cart.’ box on the Product(s) tab.
show order bump
  • One-click cross-sells can be arranged by priority on the After Checkout page (In your WordPress dashboard, go to Sales Booster > After Checkout). To change the order, click the three lines at the right of your offer and drag and drop to re-order. If multiple cross-sells match the current cart, then the highest cross-sell in the list will be displayed.
priority order

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