Requesting A Refund

If you’ve decided one of our plugins is not for you, we are happy to offer you full-refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Before we go through the process of issuing a refund, perhaps we can help in some way to get things working well for you again?

The plugin is not working for me

If the plugin is not working, and you’ve not yet spoken to our support team, we’re more than happy to take a look for you.

Please use our support form to ask for assistance.

If we cannot fix the issue (this is rarely the case), then we’ll happily issue you a refund. If we can fix the issue but you’re still not happy, we can still issue you the full refund; at least at this point we’ve solved a bug for other users of the plugin.

I thought I’d cancelled my free trial or annual renewal

We send out reminders before your subscription renews in order to prevent this from happening. However, sometimes the renewal date may pass you by. If you’ve just paid for the plugin after forgetting to cancel the automatic renewal, we’re happy to issue you a full-refund.

Please use our support form to request a refund.

Don’t forget: when you stop renewing, you lose access to our awesome support, new features, bug fixes, and version updates. 

I just want a refund

If you’re sure there’s nothing we can do, please use our support form to request a refund.

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