How To Upgrade Your License

This article will walk you through the steps involved to upgrade your license.

What upgrade options do I have?

There are a couple of upgrade options available to you.

For individual plugin licenses, you can;

  • Increase the site quota on your license to 3 or 30 sites.
  • Upgrade from an annual license to a lifetime license.

For bundle licenses, you can:

  • Upgrade between bundles to a higher or lower package.

Note: It is not currently possible to upgrade automatically from a single product license to a bundle. If you would like to do that, please contact support.

How to upgrade an individual plugin license

To upgrade your license, follow these steps;

  1. Go to our website, and visit the page for the product you’d like to renew.
  2. Scroll down to the Pricing section and click Get Started, or click Get Started in the product page nav. click on get startedexample of get started on product page
  3. When the checkout opens, you’ll be able to switch between Annual and Lifetime, as well as selecting the number of licenses/sites. choose license type
  4. Now click Renewing or upgrading a license?renew or upgrade license select
  5. Enter your current license key into the field and click Apply.
  6. The upgrade total will be discounted, based on how long you have left on your current license. example of upgrade reduction
  7. You can now proceed through the checkout as normal.

Note: Once upgraded, your subscription date will be updated and your license key will remain the same.

How to upgrade a bundle license

The steps to upgrade bundle license are much the same as an individual plugin. The only difference is you will need to initiate the checkout on the specific bundle you’d like to upgrade to.

bundle pricing example

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