How to get your Google API Key for address autocomplete

If you’re looking to set up the address autocomplete feature in Flux, you’ll first need to get your Google API Key.

In this guide, we’ll show you how:

  1. Visit the Google API website, make sure you’re logged in (or create an account), then click the Get Started button.
  2. Make sure you have set up billing information for your Google account. It’s unlikely to be used, but Google requires it now in order for the APIs to work. You can do this by clicking the menu icon and then Billing.
google API key
  1. Click the Select a project dropdown and then New Project.
select a project
  1. Give the project a name and organization (or leave it as “No Organization”), and then click Create.
project name
  1. Once the project has been created, make sure it’s selected from the project dropdown. Find the ‘APIs’ module and click Go to APIs Overview.
  1. Click Enable APIs and Services at the top of the page.
enable APIS and services
  1. Search for Places API and click the matching result. Then click Enable.
places API
  1. Click the arrow to go back to the API Library. Then search for Maps JavaScript API, click the matching result, and then Enable.
Maps API
  1. Click the menu icon, then go to APIs & Services > Credentials.
  1. Click Create Credentials, then API Key. Copy the key and then click Close.
create API key
  1. Go to your WordPress admin area, then WooCommerce > Flux Checkout from your WordPress dashboard sidebar.
  2. Then, paste the API key into the Google API Key field and click Save Changes.

That’s it! Address autocompletion should now be working on your checkout page.

Note that it’s disabled when an address is already filled in.

Address translation

Do you need your address to show up in a different language? You can add a language identifier to your Google Places API key.

In the plugin settings, where your Google API Key is saved, add: YOURAPIKEY?language=ja

Find more information on languages.

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