How to Allow a Guest User to Create an Account at the Checkout

Allowing customers to register during checkout can make the checkout process faster and more convenient.

Instead of navigating to a separate registration page, customers can create an account as part of the checkout process. This can reduce friction and increase customers’ likelihood of completing their purchase.

WooCommerce provides several settings that allow you, the store owner, to set up registration on the checkout page.

Flux Checkout for WooCommerce fully supports these options, and in this guide, we’ll examine each of these settings in detail.

How to activate account registration at checkout

The following settings can be accessed through WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy tab.

We’ll go through each of them so you can decide which to use for your online store’s checkout.

account settings for checkout woocommerce

1. Allow customers to place orders without an account: This setting, when unchecked, prevents customers from placing an order without being registered on the site. Instead, they’ll need to create an account like in the screenshot below.

create an account at checkout

2. Allow customers to log into an existing account during checkout: Enabling this option displays a message and a button, offering existing customers the opportunity to sign in to their existing account with the store.

sign into account at checkout

3. Allow customers to create an account during checkout: When this setting is enabled, the customer is allowed to create an account at the checkout. The guest users will be offered to select a username and or password based on the settings we describe below.

4. Allow customers to create an account on the My account page: This setting, when enabled, allows users to create an account when they visit the My Account page of the website.

create an account WooCommerce

5. When creating an account, automatically generate an account username for the customer based on their name, surname or email: When this setting is enabled, WooCommerce will automatically generate a username for the user based on their name, last name, or email. When this setting is disabled, the user is prompted to enter a username of their choice.

create account username and password

6. When creating an account, send the new user a link to set their password: This setting, when checked, sends the user a link to create a password via email rather than prompting the user to set a password during the account creation process. This allows the user to establish a password of their own preference.

woocommerce password creation

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