Iconic Acquires Flux Checkout, the Top WooCommerce Checkout Plugin

One of the first things any online store owner looks to improve is their checkout. Without a fast and streamlined checkout, your store could be losing sales without you even realising.

Here at Iconic, we understand the need for an effective and fast checkout plugin. Which is why today we’re announcing that the well-known WooCommerce checkout plugin, Flux Checkout, is joining the Iconic ranks. 

woocommerce checkout plugin

What is Flux Checkout?

By Default, the standard WooCommerce checkout is one-size-fits-all. It’s long, hard to customise and not optimised for conversion. 

In fact, according to a study by Baymard, 27% of customers leave because the checkout process is too complicated.

This is where Flux Checkout steps in. Flux allows you to create an app-like experience for your customers, guiding them through a few short steps to completing their purchase. Each step is designed to help you convert at the most important stage of your customers’ journey.

Once installed, the WooCommerce checkout plugin is easy to customise, with plenty of options and colors to adapt it to your store’s style. Before you know it, Flux will be reducing your store’s cart abandonment and making you more sales.

Flux Checkout Q&A with Iconic Founder

Now that Flux Checkout is part of the Iconic family, we thought we’d talk to our Founder, James Kemp, about the future of Flux Checkout and its integration with other Iconic plugins.

Will anything change for existing Flux Checkout customers?

The biggest change of the Flux Checkout acquisition will be in how licenses are handled. We’ll be moving away from the EDD store, and replacing it with Freemius.

Existing customers won’t notice a change, though. We’ve built a solution into the plugin to automatically transition those that update over to the new licensing system.

In terms of the actual product, we’ve already made some dramatic improvements. Some of the plugin styling has been refined, and a number of outstanding bugs have been fixed.

We’ve also added compatibility for a number of popular themes and plugins. 

What are the future plans for Flux Checkout?

We plan to continue adding support for themes and plugins (including integration with our own plugins, like WooCommerce Delivery Slots and Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce).

We’d also like to enhance the desktop version of the checkout in order to fully take advantage of the space available, whilst still optimising the flow for conversions.

When can Iconic customers start using Flux Checkout?

Iconic customers can use the plugin right now! You can purchase a license directly on the Flux Checkout website, but we’ll also be adding it to the Iconic site very soon.

On top of that, customers with our All Access bundle can already take advantage of the plugin.


Flux checkout is set to be one of the top WooCommerce checkout plugins on the market. By adding it to the Iconic family, we’ll be delivering exceptional support, updates and integrations over the coming months.

Download Flux Checkout

Reduce cart abandonment and make more sales with Flux Checkout.

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  1. Avatar Dayib says:

    There are some bugs with yith added to cart pop up plugin in the new release I had to revert to the I Inital one. Has this been resolved?

  2. Avatar Dayib says:

    There are some bugs with yith added to cart pop up plugin in the new release I had to revert to the I Inital one. Has this been resolved?

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