WooCommerce Show Single Variations

v1.1.19 (21 Apr 2020)
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Check if product is variable when saving
[update] Add Flatsome live search compatibility [update] Add Flatsome sale flash bubble compatibility
[update] Save variation rating
[fix] Variation title incorrect on product save
[fix] Don't remove "exclude from filtered" when processing visibility
[fix] Remove deprecated function update_woocommerce_term_meta()
[fix] Fatal error if displaying a [products] shortcode on a filtered page
[fix] JavaScript: replace .size() with .length
[fix] Fatal error when terms argument in the tax query is a string rather than array
[fix] Remove "non variation" attributes from variations when removed from parent

v1.1.18 (18 Mar 2020)
[update] Version compatibility

v1.1.17 (19 Nov 2019)
[update] Version compatiblity

v1.1.16 (1 July 2019)
[fix] Freemius Fix

v1.1.15 (2 Mar 2019)
[fix] Security Fix

v1.1.14 (6 Dec 2018)
[new] Added WooCommerce Ajax Filters by BeRocket compatibility
[update] Ensured compatibility with WP 5.0
[update] Ensured compatibility with Woo 3.5.0
[update] Update deps
[fix] Product visibility doesn't save when using a translated 'save' button on the product-edit page
[fix] Improve compatibility with themes that rely on the type-product class on the loop
[fix] Send all the parameters when triggering the switch_theme hook to avoid issues with other plugins/themes listening to this action
[fix] Fatal error when themes change the $product global to a string
[fix] Issue where checkboxes weren't saving
[fix] Avada compatibility doesn't load on normal pages using the products shortcode

v1.1.13 (10 Sep 2018)
[new] Atelier compatibility
[new] Avada compatibility
[new] Leto compatibility
[change] Use product methods when adding loop classes
[change] Refresh variation titles on product save
[update] Implement Iconic core classes
[update] Update dependencies
[fix] Ensure taxonomies are assigned when processing visibility
[fix] WP All Export visibility formatting (using official visibility field)
[fix] WP All Import compatibility update (v4.5.5)
[fix] Fix typo in query class for include_children
[fix] Make sure filtered variation settings are maintained when updating via the API
[fix] Ensure term counts are correct
[fix] Ensure variations are only saved once
[fix] Clear term count transient when saving attributes to variation

v1.1.12 (11 Jun 2018)
[update] Update Freemius
[update] Update POT
[update] Don't load settings framework on frontend
[fix] Issue when filtering visibility for non products
[fix] Fix sorting issue on some category pages
[fix] Fix issue when saving "Exclude from filtered results"
[fix] Ensure products hidden from filtered don't show in FacetWP
[fix] Make sure attributes "not for variations" work with variations when filtered via FacetWP
[fix] Make sure filtered works for fwp_ and _ prefixes when using FacetWP

v1.1.11 (11 Apr 2018)
[update] Add WP All Export compatibility
[update] Ability to add products to show only in the product listings. Not purchasable on the product page.
[update] FacetWP compatibility
[update] Update freemius
[update] Add POT file
[fix] Featured/add to cart settings issue when stock is managed and variation is updated/purchased
[fix] Ajax add to cart button when product is not purchasable
[fix] Cart item links for hidden variations
[fix] Flatsome lightbox button issue
[fix] non-numeric value bug in term counts
[fix] Hide variations if parent is not published
[fix] Assume variations in cart are visible
[fix] Don't show disabled variations in listings
[fix] Issue preventing WP CLI from running
[fix] Show variations in filtered when not shown in catalog
[fix] Variation order when using a shortcode
[fix] Fix links to docs

v1.1.10 (7 Feb 2018)
[update] Update Freemius
[update] Update settings framework
[update] Allow variation taxonomies to be filtered with iconic_wssv_variation_taxonomies
[update] Allow add to cart button text to be filtered with iconic_wssv_add_to_cart_button_text
[update] Add variations to related products module
[update] Allow basic tags in variation title
[update] Add Flatsome compatibility
[update] Add option to exclude parent from filtered results
[fix] Set transient for each term count instead of combined
[fix] Fix menu order of variations when parent is set to menu_order 0
[fix] Fix when saving "unset" checkboxes
[fix] Term counts incorrect when not showing out of stock items
[fix] Variation term counts auto reset when Woo resets product term counts
[fix] Fix filtered visibility when bulk editing
[fix] Prevent API update removing "featured" setting
[fix] Only run menu order methods on frontend
[fix] Don't escape button text
[fix] Allow br in variation title

v1.1.9 (9 Sep 2017)
[update] Variations inherit parent star ratings
[update] Variations inherit parent menu_order
[update] Add is_visible filter to bypass parent settings
[fix] Fix issue with bulk toggling visibility settings
[fix] Disabled add to cart button not working
[fix] Make sure hidden variations are not shown
[fix] Issue where variation visibility was reset on bulk actions
[fix] Potential issue where is_ajax() is undefined
[fix] Prevent variations appearing in catalog after purchase
[fix] Variation titles being overwritten

v1.1.8 (7 Aug 2017)
[fix] Visibility issues with WP All Import script for new variations
[fix] wp_mail definition issue
[fix] Remove Envato update script

v1.1.7 (1 Jun 2017)
[update] New licensing system

v1.1.6 (24 May 2017)
[update] WP All Import script for new WooCommerce
[update] Move total sales update to batch process action in settings page
[fix] Set new "outofstock" visibility
[fix] Hide draft products from the catalog
[fix] Only add button classes to variations
[fix] Issue on with product visibility in Woo 3.*
[fix] Set new "featured" visibility
[fix] Only use AJAX add to cart if option is enabled
[fix] Issue when new variations were added and no visibility settings were saved
[fix] Error when sorting by popularity
[fix] Total sales updated when new order placed

v1.1.5 (6 may 2017)
[fix] Modify loop class so it assigns correctly
[fix] Fix database prefix for one method
[fix] Make sure variations added via "Create all variations" are updated
[fix] Add new taxonomy terms for visibility
[fix] Fix filter and category counts
[fix] Toggle "Show in..." to account for new visibility terms

v1.1.4 (2 April 2017)
[update] WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility
[fix] Term count when not int issue

v1.1.3 (22 Dec 2016)
[update] Add filter to catalog add to cart button
[update] Remove dashboard
[fix] Allow WP All Import functions to run when not in admin
[fix] Issue where wp_query was too resource intensive for getting term counts
[fix] Update term counts when running a bulk toggle

v1.1.2 (19 Sep 2016)
[fix] Remove menu order filter, for now. Need to reassess and add back in.
[fix] Don't get variations with missing parents
[update] Add Iconic dashboard
[fix] Don't get broken variations in shortcode
[fix] Add filter to price filter widget to include variations (pending WooCommerce update)

v1.1.1 (24 Aug 2016)
[fix] Make sure the URL is always using a variation
[fix] Issue where all variations were showing when translating a product via WPML
[fix] Bulk actions reset the filter counts
[fix] Issue when adding attributes not used for variations
[fix] Disable function that updates product order temporarily
[fix] Prevent infinite loop on wp_update_post
[fix] Issue where no ID is present for title
[update] Adding ability to import data to variations when using WP All Import

v1.1.0 (14 Jun 2016)
[update] Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.0 - filter counts will work again once WooCommerce release the next patch [update] Change method for checking if parent variable product is published

v1.0.13 (9 May 2016)
[fix] Add padding to variation menu order to fix when there's more than 10 variations
[fix] Load plugin textdomain

v1.0.12 (4 May 2016)
[update] Official WPML compatibility

v1.0.11 (18 Apr 2016)
[fix] Fix manual product ordering
[fix] Variations were always being enabled one product save
[fix] Fix product status transition to account for draft products

v1.0.10 (10 Feb 2016)
[update] Option to disable "Add to Cart" button per variation
[update] Add "non-variation" attributes to variations on product save
[fix] Change layered nav query to use filter
[update] Add add_to_cart class on button

v1.0.9 (3 Feb 2016)
[fix] Update category counts on frontend to include variations
[fix] Update attribute counts on frontend to include variations

v1.0.8 (20 Jan 2016)
[update] Compatibility with Atelier theme

v1.0.7 (15 Jan 2016)
[fix] Variations are now added to filter counts on save
[update] Bulk option to update filter counts
[update] Variations are now added to tags
[fix] Variations are added when a category is added to an existing product

v1.0.6 (30 Dec 2015)
[update] You can now set individual variations as "Featured"

v1.0.5 (30 Dec 2015)
[fix] Index 'key' not set
[update] Include display title in search
[update] Bulk action - Update "total_sales" for popularity ordering
[fix] Variations displayed in popularity order

v1.0.4 (17 Dec 2015)
[update] Added compatibility for shortcodes
[fix] Variations removed if parent is deleted

v1.0.3 (18 Nov 2015)
[fix] Change is_purchasable method
[fix] Change permalink method to cover more ground
[update] Bulk actions for toggling visibility
[fix] When variations filtered, they were being limited to 12

v1.0.2 (8 Nov 2015)
[fix] Price filter only fix

v1.0.1 (6 Nov 2015)
[fix] Change "add to cart" to "select options" if not all attributes for variation have been selected

v1.0.0 (2 Nov 2015)
Initial Release