WooCommerce Product Configurator

v1.3.9 (17 Aug 2020)
[fix] Compatibility with WP 5.5
[update] Divi Theme Compatiblity
[update] Update dependencies

v1.3.8 (24 Apr 2020)
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Version compatibility

v1.3.7 (18 Mar 2020)
[update] Version compatibility

v1.3.6 (1 Aug 2019)
[update] Use small image in cart
[update] Use full image in zoom/fullscreen
[fix] Change startsWith to indexOf for IE11
[fix] Ensure query params are added effectively

v1.3.5 (1 July 2019)
[fix] Freemius Fix

v1.3.4 (2 March 2019)
[fix] Security Fix

v1.3.3 (9 Jan 2019)
[update] Update dependencies
[update] Compatibility with Woo 3.5.0
[fix] Ensure layers are loaded again after adding to cart

v1.3.2 (12 Sep 2018)
[update] Add tool to reinstall db tables
[update] Update POT file
[fix] Ensure check for active Iconic plugins works
[fix] Ensure WooThumbs zoom is triggered after layer change

v1.3.1 (10 Sep 2018)
[update] Implement new Iconic core classes
[update] Hash image names to prevent them being too long
[fix] Ensure WooThumbs is at the latest version before attempting to use
[fix] 0 value attribute names were not displayed in the configurator tab
[fix] Add "no media icon" param for WooThumbs
[fix] Don't float configurator in WooThumbs
[fix] Ensure dummy zoom image is removed when fetching variation via AJAX
[fix] Fix Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Variations Swatches and Photos Plugin
[fix] Ensure inventory DB is created even after activation

v1.3.0 (6 Jun 2018)
[update] Inventory: decrease even when stock isn't managed on the product.
[update] Inventory: increase if order is cancelled/failed/refunded.
[update] Inventory: check stock again before checking out.
[update] Update POT file
[update] Update Freemius
[update] WooThumbs compatibility
[update] Update classes and IDs
[update] Cache images as they load for quicker switching
[update] Add retina sizes to image layers
[update] Return to default layer image when removing a selected option
[update] Add plugin suggestions
[update] Enable zoom and lightbox
[fix] Fix thumbnail fullscreen issue
[fix] Fix image size issue in Woo 3+
[fix] Fix issue with some characters in attribute values (&|.|@|etc)
[fix] Enhance layer loading so it can't be "tricked"
[fix] Fix issue with Russian/foreign characters in layers

v1.2.2 (19/12/2017)
[update] Allow loader to be disabled
[update] Add [iconic-wpc-gallery] shortcode
[update] Update Freemius
[update] Compatibility with [product_page] shortcode
[update] Improve configurator layer collapsing and sorting in admin
[update] Improve image upload/remove in admin
[update] update POT file
[fix] Sync custom fields when using WPML
[fix] Set language in AJAX requests
[fix] Get correct taxonomy terms when taxonomy is translated
[fix] Fix issue when using forward slashes in attribute value name
[fix] Only validate BG image when configurator is enabled
[fix] Issue with png validation for some hosts
[fix] Strip query string from image URLs when generating

v1.2.1 (10/08/2017)
[update] Add WPML compatibility
[update] New licence system
[update] Renamed the plugin folder to match Iconic branding
[fix] Missing galleries
[fix] Invalid image URL in emails

v1.2.0 (02/04/2017)
[update] Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.0
[update] Add static layer functionality
[update] Remove redux and add settings framework
[update] Tidy code and comments
[fix] Fix issue with sorting layers
[fix] Issue with uploading media to attribute
[fix] Use WC ajax URL
[fix] Compiled image in order emails
[fix] Issue with product specific atts not loading layer on load
[fix] Issue loading query selected layer with spaces

v1.1.5 (22/12/2016)
[fix] Some updates regarding image generation were missing
[update] Envato market updater
[update] Add filter to order email thumbnail

v1.1.4 (07/09/16)
[update] Author tags
[fix] Check to see if WooCommerce is active - fix issue on multisites
[fix] Some hosts don't allow remote images in getimagesize, changed to path so images are generated
[fix] Error when no default image is set, but it was before
[fix] Make sure correct image shows in email if it's enabled
[update] Add validation to check for PNG images
[fix] Attribute add default image button

v1.1.3 (16/01/16)
[fix] admin_url SSL issue

v1.1.2 (09/09/15)
[update] change watch to .variations select

v1.1.1 (08/09/15)
[fix] Errors when $post is not set
[fix] Undefined param issue on add_to_cart_inventory_check
[fix] Missing terms when product is draft

v1.1.0 (13/07/15)
[fix] Image layers not loading
[fix] Image layer loading broken image when no image assigned
[fix] Default image layer functionality
[update] Added inventory functionality * Make sure to deactivate/reactivate to install the new DB table
[fix] Removed images from order success and order email

v1.0.8 (27/06/15)
[fix] Moved check for woocommerce to try and fix header issues
[fix] Remove invalid header error
[fix] is_array errors
[update] better pot file

v1.0.7 (27/04/15)
[fix] Moved check for woocommerce to try and fix header issues

v1.0.6 (19/02/15)
[Update] Add Cyr to Lat enhanced compatibility

v1.0.5 (14/01/15)
[Update] Allow for Russian (and other lang) attributes - caution: may affect previous configurations
[Fix] Load admin scripts only on edit product page
[Update] Check if WooCommerce is enabled
[Fix] Fix compatibility with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos v1.5.3

v1.0.4 (06/08/14)
[Fix] Fixed bug where TGM didn't notify that Redux was required

v1.0.3 (27/07/14)
[Update] Added "Default" image for attributes
[Fix] Fixed bug where configurator was displayed on frontend even though it wasn't enabled
[Update] Now works with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos by Lucas Stark
[Update] Added ability to order configurator options independantly, via drag/drop

[Fix] Removed tgmpa_load_bulk_installer error

[Fix] Configurator Enabled returned yes, not true. Added check for this.

Initial Release