WooCommerce Bundled Products

v2.0.13 (20 Mar 2020)
[update] Version compatibility

v2.0.12 (1 July 2019)
[fix] Freemius Fix

v2.0.11 (2 Mar 2019)
[fix] Security Fix

v2.0.10 (10 Jan 2019)
[update] Update dependencies

v2.0.9 (12 Sep 2018)
[update] Update Freemius
[update] Update settings framework
[update] Update POT file
[update] Allow bundled products to be "sorted"
[update] Remove form redirect for bundled items
[update] Add Iconic core classes
[fix] Prevent "false" products
[fix] Use cart CRUD methods

v2.0.8 (02/11/2017)
[update] use hooks within template files
[fix] Fix variable product image switcher
[fix] Fix deprecated message when using a variable product
[fix] Fix issue with loop count being reset

v2.0.7 (13/09/2017)
[update] New licence system
[update] Add [iconic-woo-bundle] shortcode
[update] Rename admin product data tab to prevent conflicts
[update] Allow variations to be added to bundles
[update] Add potential savings amount to "add all to cart" button
[update] Freemius
[fix] Honour redirect to cart setting
[fix] Custom prices and discounts fixed

v2.0.6 (08/04/2017)
[fix] JS naming error on single product page
[fix] Get products method
[fix] Add variable products to cart
[fix] Get saved IDs only for bundled product type

v2.0.5 (02/04/2017)
[update] WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility
[update] Add textdomain and pot file
[fix] Illegal product_ids offset

v2.0.4 (22/12/2016)
[fix] Add posts per page

v2.0.3 (16/11/2016)
[fix] Some checks for bundled product were incorrect

v2.0.2 (24/08/2016)
[fix] Error when using some filters/search

v2.0.1 (20/07/2016)
[update] Added options to show/hide product qty/add to cart.
[fix] Update relevant variable images, not main image.
[update] Add option for custom price.

v2.0.0 (20/07/2016)
[update] Plugin has been renamed to "WooCommerce Bundled Products". Requires complete re-installation. Backup your DB first.
[update] Added option to display "Add All to Cart" button

v1.0.7 (09/03/2016)
[update] Fix variations selects back to default after product has been added to cart

v1.0.6 (22/01/2016)
[fix] Issue if "Show Price" option hadn't been selected.

v1.0.5 (06/01/2016)
[fix] Remove product ID
[fix] Affiliate/External Link and Button Text
[update] Show shop the look total price - combined, range, or none
[update] Allow reviews - can be disabled by disabling comments for the product

v1.0.4 (30/09/2015)
[update] Enable attributes

v1.0.3 (30/09/2015)
[update] Change product order to that of the input field

v1.0.2 (06/09/2015)
[fix] Ability to override templates

v1.0.1 (09/03/2015)
[Fix] Remove PHP shorttags
[Fix] Added compatibility for new product admin search fields with backwards compatibility

Initial Release