Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

v1.2.5 (17 Dec 2020)
[new] Added browser history for checkout steps
[update] Hide coupon field if disabled in WooCommerce setting
[update] Replace Mobile Detect library with wp_is_mobile() function
[update] Separate Field for Street number
[update] POT file
[update] Update Italian translation
[update] Added hook woocommerce_checkout_before_customer_details
[update] Added filter woocommerce_ship_to_destination
[update] Compatibility with WordPress 5.6
[fix] Divi hashchange issue

v1.2.4 (12 Aug 2020)
[fix] Repackage to include missing files

v1.2.3 (12 Aug 2020)
[update] Compatibility with WordPress 5.5
[update] Update dependencies
[update] New filter flux_has_prepopulated_fields
[fix] Fix issue when Woo setting is ship to specific country
[fix] Dequeue theme scripts

v 1.2.2
[update] Payment gateway styling.
[update] Add flux_checkout_allowed_sources filter to allow certain theme styles to load at checkout.
[update] Add Siteground compatibility.
[update] Change field underline method to cater for field descriptions.
[update] Add free trial capabilities.
[update] Only run compatibility classes if flux is active.
[update] Add flux_checkout_details_fields filter to define which billing fields show in the first step.
[fix] Disable back to cart button in Germanized.
[fix] Braintree CC compatibility.
[fix] Payment gateway jumping glitch when opening.
[fix] Add after order notes field to fix Metorik tracking.
[fix] Prevent styles from loading outside of checkout.
[fix] Ensure checkout submits properly.
[fix] Ensure checkboxes and radios inherit the right classes.
[fix] Ensure scripts is loaded last.
[fix] ID not set on archive pages when checking if is checkout.

v 1.2.1
[update] Compatibility with SendCloud plugin.
[update] Compatibility with WooCommerce Social Login by SkyVerge.
[update] Compatibility with Shoptimizer theme.
[update] Compatibility with Woodmart theme.
[update] Compatibility with Martfury theme.
[update] Dequeue theme styles only.
[update] Disable order notes section when woocommerce_enable_order_notes_field is false.
[update] Dequeue Select2 at checkout.
[update] Add Germanized compatibility.
[update] Apply checkbox and radio styling to all elements.
[update] Don't allow the same primary and accent colors to be selected.
[update] Remove scss compiler requirement.
[fix] Issue when saving custom styles.
[fix] Add T&C text to textdomain.
[fix] Logo size issue when using an SVG.
[fix] Remove double (optional) label for address 2.
[fix] Ensure labels float correctly for all fields.
[fix] Grid layout issue at checkout.
[fix] Error with autocomplete when only shipping to one country.
[fix] Remove focus glitch on radio/checkboxes.
[fix] Create account fields styling.
[fix] IE CustomEvent polyfill error.
[fix] Step indicator wrong width in IE11.
[fix] Move label more quickly when autocompleting.

[new] Freemius licensing.
[update] Fix deprecated warnings.
[update] Add Astra theme compatibility.
[update] Add Avada theme compatibility.
[update] Add Flatsome theme compatibility.
[update] Add Shopkeeper theme compatibility.
[update] Improved checkout flow and speed.
[update] Improved checkout styling.
[update] Remove autofill background color.
[update] Order review styling.
[update] Move settings page to WooCommerce > Flux Checkout.
[update] Improve step validation.
[update] Limit address autocomplete to specific countries.
[update] Add some hooks to the main template file.
[update] Display any outstanding errors on page load.
[update] Better payment gateway icon sizing.
[fix] Template override priority.
[fix] Disable browser autocomplete on address search fields.
[fix] Some tags weren't closed.
[fix] Update order pay endpoint.

v 1.1.1
[new] Custom CSS section.
[new] 3rd party plugin compatability fixes.
[new] Plugin option enabled for desktop.
[new] Styling added for desktop screen resolutions.
[new] Tool tip added to address lookup text.
[update] Enter key press disabled.
[update] Gradients list updated to latest version.
[update] Terms and conditions missing translation issue fixed.
[update] Deprecated function: WC_Cart::get_cart_url() fixed.
[update] Cart slide out removed and replaced with cart icon link.
[update] "NOT FOUND?" text updated to "ENTER ADDRESS MANUALLY".
[update] Field validation issue fixed.

v 1.1.0 [new] Translations added for French, Danish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Greek, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Malaysian, German, Mexican and Norwegian.
[update] Shipping options removed from cart slide out.
[update] CSS improvements made to the cart slide out, select fields and order review section.
[update] Address autocomplete function updated to resolve UK postal town accurately.
[update] Titanframe work color picker issue resolved.
[update] Android field focus issue fixed.
[update] Front and back-end text made translatable.
[update] Removed redundant files within /woocommerce/
[update] Disabling the returning customer login reminder now removes 'Returning Customer?' button.
[update] Phone field validation now accepts spaces, '+' and '()'.
[update] PHP 7.1.6 compatibility issue when installing plugin.
[update] Input type="password" now inherits MDL style.
[update] Removed redundant styles and scripts.
[update] Template loading priority fixed for /woocommerce/ folder.
[update] Script loading priority fixed for plugin asset files.
[update] Added various theme and plugin compatibility CSS.

[new] Release of v1.0