Tweaks to the fees

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Tweaks to the fees

In addition to the existing requests that the fees accept negative values and decimal values, it would be nice if there was an option to not display the fee on the attribute term. Woocommerce-variation-price shows the new price so there's no need to display the upcharge). There is a customer psychology behind this. "Paying more" and "higher price" may mean the same thing but they're perceived differently. On one level, larger people understand that garments for them use more material and have a higher price but on another level, having to pay more for something annoys them. Showing them both 'rubs it in.') Finally, woocommerce-variation-price only displays if there is a fee on one of the attributes. For the sake of consistency, it would be nice to display the price the same way on all products (and above the qty near the add-to-cart button is the perfect place). Somewhere in there is a 'if there's a fee, display the price here" and it would be nice to be able to just "display the price here"whether or not there's a fee.
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