Reservation Table by shipping method

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Reservation Table by shipping method

Currently it seems the reservation table simply lists all available time slots across all available shipping methods. In our case, certain shipping methods (including local pickup) are only available depending on the customer's delivery post/zip code. It would be a great feature if we could use the table. We would require that the table would either filter out any local pickup methods so it only references shipping methods, or it allows the user to toggle between the available shipping/collection methods in a similar way to the checkout process.
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  1. miriam.palmer says:

    Same issue here. Delivery slot availability depends on shipping method (set under Time Slot Configuration) – Shipping method availability depends on customer’s postcode (set in WooCommerce Shipping Zones). If you check the “Hide Unavailable Dates?” option in the Reservation table settings it does actually work and filter out any dates that do not have any delivery slots available based on the customers postcode. However if there are any slots available for a given day, all of the slots for that day show up regardless of which shipping method they allow.
    There really needs to be a “Hide Unavailable Slots” option.

  2. Cleverhomes says:

    We need to be able to allow a customer to book a delivery slot or a collection slot BEFORE they start shopping. Ideally the iconic-wds-reservation-table shortcode would include a parameter to allow it to show only time slots based on the number in the column to the left of the timeslots settings ().

    • Leon says:

      This is a the exact feature i require, it would be great if this was added. The ability to choose delivery before they choose (in this case food) is essential.


  3. ben.hargrave says:

    This is a running theme for a good chunk of our clients. We’d love to be able to use the reservation table more, but can’t until it has this functionality.

  4. Tom says:

    Same here really need the client to book their time for Delivery or Collection before they place their order.

  5. Samuel Cash says:

    Same as Tom’s comment. Would like option for Delivery or collection

  6. Leon says:

    Please add this feature to allow delivery before shipping (in his case for food).

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