product order not allowed after specific day or week have passed

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product order not allowed after specific day or week have passed

We can limit specific products or categories to only be available on X day of the week. I’d like to see a function to add end-dates on products availability. Example: Food bag week 10 – can only be ordered and delivered thursday and friday. should be unavailable to order the next week (last order day required) Right now, Food bag week 10 can be ordered ever coming week also. But next week should be food bag 11. Basically Procuct is available from X monday to Y saturday. Can’t order it after that. This is a very needed function for a lot of stores or food places with campaigns with availability end dates.
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Fredrikw 3 weeks ago

Would be awesome to get some feedback from the developer on this feature. It still feels like this tool really needs it.


Exactly what we are looking for for our fresh meal business as well. I'd describe our situation as follows, which is very similar to the situation of Fredrikw:

We are offering meals as products in WooCommerce. Every week the customers are able to choose from a different menu of products, but 2 weeks are already published on store to offer early ordering. The products available for week 1 are different from the products in week 2. The customers are now selecting an order delivery date at checkout. But the following often happens: they are choosing products from 2 different week menu's. So they are ordering a product from week 1 and week 2, with delivery date in week 2. This in practice is impossible because the meal of week 1 is no longer available in week 2. However, the delivery date field is not preventing this right now. I'm looking for the best way to prevent this from happening. As I can see now, the solution would be to give products/product categories specific possible delivery dates.

The newest order delivery slots plugin update already got the option to set availability per weekday, are we probably able to expand to this to a more detailed date range field?

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