Conditional Logic

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Conditional Logic

Add conditional logic groups so each layer can have different versions based on the options selected.
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  1. This would be a great option combined with fees for attributes currently being worked on (started). Application: It will enable selecting for example a fabric (plus fee) on a chair and based on that fabric a series of colour options will show.

    Suggestion to make it even better….When the fabric sample can be shown under a zoom when you hoover over the thumpnail to show detail of the fabric in order to give the potental cleint the best possible impression what they select.

  2. Alen says:

    i want to use the plugin to configure eyeglasses product under wordpress + woocommerce,
    Your plugin is good to configue eyeglasses frame, but for eyeglasses lenses, i use one other plugin to customize: WooCommerce Extra Product Options (, it shows the options on the product page, or embed a popup button on the product page.
    So the process is like this: after eyeglasses frame configured by your plugin, it shouldn’t be “add to cart”, it should go to the lenses selection, after this it will go to “add to cart”, how to get both plugins work together?

  3. trwiegand says:

    I have a similar need for this. Currently, I am using both the Swatch and Configurator plugins. We offer custom speaker enclosures. One of our products can either be set up for a left or a right. There are four attributes for the product and 3 of the four display differently depending on which side the customer wants to purchase. It would be nice if certain attributes could be set to either only display when a condition is met or display with an x on the swatch. For example, when a customer is configuring a right-sided box, only the attributes for the right-sided box will be available to choose. Right now, I can get it to work only with one set of attributes.

  4. bentzdesign says:

    Kinda looking for something along these lines. Making a config that includes buttons of different kinds and colors. Would love to open a sublayer / new box so if they select a blue button, they can move on to chose 20mm/ 30mm / 40mm / 50 mm sizing. Right now, I have a drop down menu thats a mile long.

  5. Alan Pieroway says:

    Glad to hear this feature has started development – once it’s done I can try it out and consider buying a license! i look forward to the feature being completed.

  6. Staf says:

    Glad they started on it, am willing to pay for the development

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