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1 vote

Fullscreen navigation control (styles)

In fullscreen mode, you cannot control the icons, colours, sizes positions etc. without hard coding in CSS. It would be great to have full control […]

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1 vote

Suffix for swatch values

For the plugin Attribute Swatches, the ability to add a suffix per attribute. For example ” sec” being added to the values 1, 2, 3, […]

Category: Attribute Swatches 0 comments
2 votes

Inline Calendar for Delivery Slots

It would be nice to have an inline calendar and show the delivery costs/notes inside the actually date field.

2 votes

Make WooThumbs compatible with Adminimize

WooThumbs is the only plugin I’ve ever experienced that Adminimize won’t let me hide the menu points for, and so I think it would be […]

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